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5 Music Enhancing Software

Music not only makes the world go ‘round, but it brings us all closer. It’s a reason to get together and a reason to stay together. We have “our songs”, “your song”, and even songs that somehow come to represent each season.

Music isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!

It’s no wonder that those of us who love music are always seeking ways to make it sound even better, and one of those ways is with music enhancing software. There are many types and we share five of our fave music enhancing software apps below.

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Even if your approach to technology and gadgets is a bit of initial intimidation, you will love these.

Magic Music Visualizer

This is a party in a product, as once you use an audio visualizer at a soiree, you’ll never go back. If you already like to mix music at home, this is going to delight you. It allows you to design dynamic visuals from scratch using super cool effects that spin and dance in time with the music. 3D models move, pulse, and rotate with the beats, allowing for maximum creativity. Your masterpieces don’t have to end when the party does either, as they can be used for further editing and/or uploaded or shared via sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Save your money on the DJ and use this instead.

Bongiovi DPS

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If you’re a heavy computer-user, this will be the audio enhancer for you. It’s not just an app—it actually plugs into your computer sound system. What that means is that any sonic applications on your computer will share the benefits of the DPS technology this enhancer uses. Watching movies on your computer will take on a whole new level, as will Skyping with friends near and far. It is easy to install and the bass and treble features are also simple to use. It’s fully controlled by you, so the effects and audio enhancement you are looking for is customized to your preferences. Perhaps “DPS” stands for, “Dang, that’s pretty sweet.” Because it is.

SRS Audio Sandbox

Fun in the sandbox is no longer just for kids. This enhancer will transform regular audio on standard equipment into an unparalleled immersive surround sound experience. When it comes to enhancing music, its best feature is the TruBass Level. This creates different environments of sound field for music, games, and audio, and this is true even if your woofer is small. Fans of this also love its enhanced effect when watching movies and playing games. The Room Size feature is also helpful, as it will make your virtual surround sound effect amazing even if your headset is of poor quality.

SoundPimp Audio Enhancer

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This one is really unique in that it enhances the audio effect for music and movies, so film buffs who live for that surround sound effect will go nuts for it. With typical sound systems, there can be crosstalk between the left and right speakers, and this effectively eliminates that. While it’s supported with Windows 10, using it with loudspeakers is when you get the best of its effect. Perhaps pimpin’ is easy after all (sorry, had to).

DFX Audio Enhancer

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Have a broke bud that would still appreciate having his music and sound enhanced? Point him in this direction, as this audio enhancer is totally free. Users will love that they can get high sound quality on websites and music services. It coordinates well with Vimeo, NETFLIX, Spotify, YouTube, and other sites. With incredible 3D surround sound, bass that’s absolutely booming, and Finely-Tuned Music Presets that adjust to your settings, you won’t believe this won’t cost you a thing.

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Music is marvelous but enhanced music can provide an other-worldly experience. If your appreciation in this arena is already high, try out any one of these ways to enhance your musical experience and blow your own mind … in a good way.

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