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Top 7 Favourite Overwatch Heroes of 2018

Ever since the hype of esports hit gaming, Overwatch started it all, many enthusiastic players have tried their skills in this video game on a variety of gaming systems like Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Some gamers liked it to the point that they make a living out of professionally competing in esports games. You can learn from pro players by watching live streams of top gaming competitions on YouTube. A platform that keeps you updated with latest esports news, games, professional teams and tournaments.

All characters have a backstory of who they are and where they came from which has led them to play their part in Overwatch. Getting to know these heroes will be vital to help you think like them and what they would do in combat. Below is a list of the favorite Overwatch heroes of 2018 that you cannot miss.

Reinhardt’s Honour and Glory.

Reinhardt Wilheim is a 61-year-old adventurer that came from the base of operations in Stuttgart, Germany. Walking around in a mechanised armour is reminiscent of a knight who abides by a code of bravery, courage and justice, defending the innocent people.

Despite his age, Reinhardt’s popularity has grown since the beginning of the Overwatch game taking over the tank position with the team. Reinhardt has the power to protect his allies with a barrier shield and charge onto his enemies, cornering them. As for attacking, he can slam his rocket hammer on the ground and knock down enemies just like the Norse god of thunder, Thor.

Zarya is Mother Russia.

Zarya’s real name is Aleksandra Zaryanova who is a soldier from her base of operations, Krasnoyarsk Front in Russia. She previously fought with the Russian Defense forces winning a war against robots. Having gained experience, she is considered one of the firm, forceful women in Overwatch that swore to protect her family, friends and her country in time of need.

Zarya is best played in tank position, possessing the ability to use her Particle Cannon to kill any foes in her path while also protecting herself from attacks with her Particle Barrier and Projected shield. Her most powerful weapon is the Gravitation Surge that fires a bomb of gravity dealing damage to her foes once cornered.

Hanzo is Never Second Best.

Hanzo is a mercenary hero from Honamura, Japan. He is the older brother to Genji, from the Shimada family who took over the family empire. Over the years he mastered his accurate aim as an archer and assassin using his precise Storm Bow and Arrows to slow down his foes or track them with a sonic device. He has the powerful ability of a Dragonstrike, summoning the Spirit Dragon that can travel through walls and devour enemies in its way.

After the clan leader died, Hanzo tried to keep his brother in line so that one day there would be the possibility to rule over the family empire. Upon Genji’s refusal, Hanzo was left with no choice and was forced to kill him. This manipulation led him to part ways with the family clan and all he worked hard to achieve. Now Hanzo is on a mission to restore his honour and try to set things right.

Hanzo is a character in Overwatch that could have been inspired by the Japanese historical samurai figure, Hatton Hanzo. This hero has some taste in clothes, in fact, the designs on his pants and scarf are that of a Japanese pattern known as Seigaiha meaning ‘blue sea and waves’.

Genji seeks Balance and Vengeance.

Genji is a 35-year-old adventurer who came from Shambali Monastery, Nepal to join Overwatch. As the youngest of the Shimada clan, Genji lived a life of leisure and freedom. After his father died, he did not want to take an active position in the family’s empire, and this decision made his brother Hanzo furious. Tensions between siblings rose and turned in a violent confrontation that left Genji on the brink of death. Hanzo left to believe that he killed his sibling but Overwatch intervened with the help of Mercy’s healing abilities and cyberisation of his body.

His transformation had given him a natural swiftness and enhanced his outstanding ninja skills. Now a living weapon with a human heart, Genji is set to destroy the criminal gangs in Overwatch. Genji plays the best taking on the Offensive position in the Overwatch team. Having the ability to throw deadly Shuriken stars at his enemies and slashing through his enemies with his katana in Swift Strikes. His quick as lightning strikes of his sword also have the power to Deflect an incoming projectile and bounce it back to his enemies and on top of this, he uses his Dragonblade to kill any targets within reach.

Genji is a hero that may have been an inspiration from The Tale of Genji, a classic Japanese novel. The protagonist was famous for his playboy lifestyle, and this led him to leave his wealthy family. His Sentai skin refers to the Japanese tv show, ‘Super Sentai’ which developed into an American series known as Power Rangers.

Heroes like Mercy never die.

Mercy’s real name is Angela Ziegler from Zurich, Switzerland, who spends most of her time as a nanobiologist and field medic, staying close to the battlefield. Donning a Valkyrie suit, Mercy is like a guardian angel, who flies to help heal wounded allies to strengthen them with her Caduceus Staff though ongoing battles. Mercy is a support hero you want on your side of the team to resurrect dead allies, bringing them back to life in full health to continue forward into battle.

Mercy’s skins ‘Valkyrie’ and ‘Sigrún’ are both inspired by Norse mythology characters, Valkyries. They are female demigods who rule over the fate of warriors and carry their souls to Valhalla, in the afterlife.

Being a medic, most of Mercy’s scripted lines like “On a scale of one to ten, how is your pain?” and “Need a second opinion?” are common phrases used by doctors.

Ana has Found Her Cause in Overwatch.

Ana Amari is a 60-year-old bounty hunter, well-known as the world’s best elite sniper from Cairo, Egypt.  She is known to play her best supporting role with her exceptional aim, quick decisions and intuition to help end the war in Overwatch. Ana’s Biotic Rifle and Biotic Grenades can help heal her allies while dealing damage or slowing down her foes. Her sidearm sleeping darts will make an enemy unconscious for a few seconds, while her Nano Boost gives her teammates a combat boost of strength, inflicting more damage on enemies.

Ana made her first appearance in a @PlayOverwatch tweet and in the map of the Anubis Temple showing her wearing a Shrike mask. At the San Diego Comic-Con, the game developers revealed that the old lady sniper from Mad Max: Road Fury had inspired Ana’s character. On top of this, the traditional veil from the Middle East, the hijab, covering the head and chest of faithful Muslim women.

Brigitte Will Prove Herself

Brigitte Lindholm, a mechanical engineer and adventurer hails from Gothenburg, Sweden. Now fighting in Overwatch, it is her time to pick up arms to defend those in need of her help. Brigitte is bet played as a support hero who can throw Repair Packs to heal her teammates while damaging foes with her Flail, striking down enemies in a single swing. Protecting herself from incoming shots, Brigitte can place up the Barrier Shield while making use of her Shield Bash to stun her opponents. Her ultimate Rally ability provides a speed boost and long-lasting protective armour for all nearby allies.

Brigitte followed in the footsteps of her godfather, Reinhardt Wilheim, where she made an appearance in the Overwatch comic, Dragon Slayer when Wilheim struck down a gang of criminals. She made her debut again in the Overwatch Short Animation, ‘Honor and Glory’ as Reinhardt’s squire. Brigitte has an Ironclad Guild Tattoo just like her father, Torbjörn who has one on his right shoulder, while she has it on her left shoulder.

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