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The Steps to Take When You Have a New Product Idea

If you have an idea for a brand new product, it can often be difficult to know what you should do with it. Everyone likes to feel as if they have a winning idea, but that doesn’t mean much when that idea remains an idea and never becomes anything more than that. If you want to make it real and to potentially take it to market, there are some key steps you’ll first need to take. That’s what we’re going to talk about now, so read on to find out more.

Research It and Ensure it Really is New

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If you think you’ve got a great idea for a new gadget, you first need to make sure that it really is new. You’d be surprised at how often people come up with ideas only to realize that they already exist in some form. So be sure to carry out market research and see how your idea compares to what’s already out there. This is always the first step that should be taken.

Reach Out

Next, you should think about reaching out to people who might be able to help you with what you’re trying to achieve. There are lots of people out there who understand these things and might be able to help you with tasks such as marketing, planning, testing and all of that. It’s rarely a good idea to try to go it alone, especially if you haven’t done anything like this before.

Get a Prototype Made

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It’s also a good idea to start thinking about creating a prototype of your product. This is going to be essential if you want anyone to take your idea seriously. Seeing it on paper and listening to you talk about it is one thing, but when there’s a physical prototype to look at and use, it becomes much more real for people and potential backers. Companies like Rapid PSI can assist with making this happen for you.

File a Patent

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If you think your idea is really something special, you’ll want to file a patent so that you have complete control and ownership over the idea. The worst case scenario is coming up with a great idea and then having it stolen by someone else who makes it a success. It’s the last thing you want to happen, so definitely take steps to protect your intellectual property.

Come Up with a Marketing Strategy

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Finally, you’ll need to come up with a marketing strategy that’ll help to get your idea out there and seen by people who might be interested in buying it. Of course, your product will need to be close to the point at which it’s ready to launch before you start marketing it, but it’s still a good idea to think ahead about which marketing strategy might work best for you.

Turning a product idea into a reality is a long journey and it takes time, so don’t expect all this to happen overnight. But if you put in the work, you’ll eventually get to where you want to be.

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