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50+ Cool Nerd Cakes For Geeks

When you were in school, you probably knew of a geek or two; in fact, that geek may have been you!

While being a geek may not have been the coolest thing back in your school days, today, things have changed. Thanks to shows like “The Big Bang Theory”, being geeky is actually pretty cool.

If you’ve been hiding your inner geeky-ness, embrace it and show the world how proud you are to be a geek!

Types of Geeks

The world has changed for geeks in a big way. Not only is it pretty cool to be a geek, but there are also so many different types of geeks. Some of the most common types include:

  • The Apple Geek – The person who is obsessed with all things Apple: iPads, iPods, iPhones… you get the idea.
  • The Music Geek: The person who is beyond obsessed with music.
  • The Book Geek: This type of geek is pretty self-explanatory and it isn’t exactly new, but it is certainly more popular today.
  • Star Wars Geek: If you carry around a light saber and you can recite every line to every episode of Star Wars, well then, you are a Star Wars geek.
  • Comic Book Geek: Do you know every detail of Batman? Do you have a collection of comic books that nobody is allowed to touch? Yep, you’re a comic book geek, alright.

While these are some of the most common types of geeks, there are so many more. Basically, if you are uber into anything – fashion, cars, movies, anything at all – you’re a geek. You should be proud of your geeky-ness. Shout it from the roof tops and celebrate it! And what better way to celebrate being a geek than with a cake!

You can always display a cake whether it’s your birthday, or you know a geek that is having a birthday or some other type of celebration, here are some cake ideas that will help to honor your geeky-ness:

1. iPad (Pod, Phone, etc) Cake

For an Apple geek, how about a cake that pays tribute to your favorite Apple-related product?

2. Music Cake

If you are a music geek, a cake that honors your love of music will be perfect. Try having a cake designed to look like an iPod, ear buds, or even your favorite album cover.

3. Book Cake

A book geek will love a book-themed cake. You can have one created that looks like a pile of books, or that features the cover of your all-time favorite book.

4. Star Wars Cake

A light saber, Hans Solo, Luke Skywalker or even the Death Star are all great cake ideas for a Star Wars geek.

5. Comic Cake

Love comics? If so, then a cake that looks like a comic book, or that features a scene from your favorite comic is an ideal way to celebrate your love for graphic novels.

6. Video Game Cake

If you love all things related to video games, then you are a video game geek. Celebrate your passion for this form of entertainment with a cake that looks like a video game console, or one that resembles your favorite video game character.

7. The Lord of the Rings Cake

How about the Eye of Sauron for a cake, or one that looks like the actual ring if you are a self-professed Lord of the Rings geek?

8. Camera Cake

Love taking pictures? Do you always have a camera around your neck? You’re a camera geek and a cake that looks like a camera is a great way to celebrate your passion for photography.

How to make a simple camera cake – tutorial

9. Car Cake

Yeah, you can also be a car geek. If you go to car shows regularly, you have a collection of car magazines and you get excited when you pass by a car dealership, then you certainly are a car geek, and a cake that looks like your favorite car is perfect for you.

How To Make A Car Cake – Part 1

10. Movie Cake

Honor your love for the movies with a cake that resembles your favorite film, or with one that looks like a movie camera, perhaps.

Not a movie, but close enough 🙂

No matter what type of geek you are, you can have a cake created to look like whatever it is you are passionate about.

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