5 Best Mobile & Tablet Accessories For Travellers

Are you a constant traveller or a frequent flyer? Or are you in a profession which needs constant travelling a quite a few times and you find yourself constantly away from home and office? But that doesn’t stop your need of being constantly connected to the world with your smartphone or tablet. We’ve sorted a list of 5 best types of mobile and tablet accessories that would suit to those who are constantly away from home or office.

1. Storage Expansion & Data Transfer/Backup

Sony 32GB Microvault USB Flash Drive for Smartphone

Smartphones and tablets are becoming the primary devices for almost all the stuff we do in our day-to-day lives such as clicking images, recording FHD 1080p or 4K videos, listening to music, etc. For storing such high definition multimedia stuff, we need large amount of internal storage. But sometimes, the internal storage becomes insufficient. This is where memory cards become so useful. Sony has launched a new kind of storage device that acts as flash drive which is equipped with a microUSB male pin along with a regular USB 3.0 male pin. This can be used with various smartphones and tablets that feature USB On-The-Go facility so that it can be connected directly to the smartphone and tablet.

  1. Samsung 32 GB MicroSD Pro Class 10 Memory Card – This Class 10 UHS card comes in various capacities and is shock proof, water-resistant and temperature resistant. It also has great read (70 Mbps) and write (20 Mbps) speeds. Have a look at all other memory cards price list here.

  2. Sony 32GB USB On-The-Go USM32SA1/B – This pen drive comes with a unique 2-sided male USB connector (microUSB male connector & USB 3.0 male connector) for connecting to devices. It is compatible with all the devices that support USB On-The-Go connectivity.

2. Power Banks, Chargers & Cables

Sony CPF10LS 10000mAh USB Portable Power Supply

Find your smartphone always dying before the sun goes down? Here are some stuff that you need to keep it charged even if you are away from a power socket.

  1. Sony CP-F10L 10000 mAh Power Bank – Priced at around INR 5,000, this portable power bank from Sony can charge your tablets and smartphones multiple times. It comes with 2 USB ports and can charge devices as power hungry as Apple iPads.

  2. 10 Feet Long USB Extension Cable – There comes times where the power socket is simply too far away from your bed or table. Buy a 10 feet long USB to MicroUSB extension cord which is priced not more than INR 300 in any online or offline store. Remember to buy a flat cable as it is convenient to pack, store and are tangle free.

3. Speakers & Headphones

Ultimate Ears MINI BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/Speakerphone

Sometimes you want to enjoy your music when you’re away from your multichannel home speaker set up. Buy some of these accessories and continue enjoying your music, wired or wireless.

  1. Logitech UE Mini Boom – These portable Bluetooth speakers were adjudged as the best by TheWireCutter. No one can deny that they don’t perform as promised for the price and size.

  2. Klipsch Image S4i II – These in-ear-canal type headphones with a 3.5 mm jack is simple the best headphones that you can buy for your device. It comes with in-line controls for volume control and music playback.

  3. Sony SBH20 In-the-ear Headset – Do you hate wired headphones? These in-the-ear canal Bluetooth headphones from Sony look great, come at a great price and feature music and call controls.

4. Car Chargers, Kits & Mounts

Nokia DC-20 Dual USB Car Charger – Do you travel by car most of the times? Whether you are travelling to office or cross country, this car chargers will keep your smartphone or tablet charged all the times. This equipment plugs into a car’s cigarette lighter and charges 2 devices at the same time with dual USB ports.

5. Bluetooth Keyboards

Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 for PCs, Tablets, Smartphones

Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810/Easy-Switch Keyboard K811 – These are simply the best Bluetooth keyboards that go well with your Android or iOS devices when you want to type stuff on a real keyboard such as ling notes or emails. They are illuminated and don’t cost a bomb either.

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