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Mistakes That Mean Your Website Goes Unnoticed

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Your website might not get the attention that it deserves if you make the wrong moves. It’s important for your site to get noticed if you want to have plenty of traffic, which will hopefully convert into leads, sales, or other interactions with your site. Creating your website is only the start if you want to start getting people to visit it. With the right techniques, you can draw people in and help your site to get noticed. However, if you’re making some mistakes, you could be failing to get attention for your site and even driving people away. Avoid the mistakes below if you don’t want your site to be ignored.

No SEO Strategy

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Firstly, not having any kind of SEO strategy is likely to be pretty terrible for your website. Some site owners have found success by taking a more natural approach to SEO, focusing on writing relevant content rather than obsessing over keywords. But even this is a way to approach SEO and make sure your site appears in search engines. Without a strategy, your efforts with your website could be directionless and won’t achieve what you want. You need a strategy to give you guidance on how to carry out SEO for your site.

Not Optimizing for Mobile

Mobile devices are used more and more for online searches and to find products, services, and information. More than half of website traffic comes from mobile devices, so any website that wants to be successful needs to be optimized for mobile. A site that’s optimized for mobile devices usually has a streamlined design that works for smaller screens. It might also be designed to work with touch screens, making it easy to click the right links and navigate around the site. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, it could be unusable.

Image from Pixabay – CC0 License

Forgetting About Off-page SEO

Working on the SEO on your site is important, but you also need to pay attention to off-page SEO. Techniques such as link building are essential to help you build an optimized site that shows up in search engines. You should explore some of the essential off-page factors that influence how sites are ranked, such as social media and submitting blogs or articles to other sites. These SEO techniques will all help you to raise the profile of your site and get it found for relevant keywords, as well as improve your brand recognition.

Not Keeping Your Site Up to Date

Updating your website is important if you want it to keep getting noticed. You need to keep up with the latest best practices for SEO, as well as ensure you’re providing fresh content to your audience. There are several ways you might keep your site updated, including reviewing your static content regularly, running a blog and updating often, and even sometimes redesigning your website. It’s important to have someone managing your site and keeping it up to date.

Get your website noticed by avoiding these mistakes and taking the right steps to ensure your site is attractive and optimized for search engines.

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