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Soulja Boy Releases his Own Line of Smartwatches

If you’re old enough to remember Soulja Boy’s big 2007 hit ‘Crank That’, then you’ll likely also be aware that the popularity of the American rapper (real name DeAndre Cortez Way) has declined significantly in recent years. Until now, that is. Not one to sit idly by and waste his youth, 28-year-old Soulja Boy has begun selling his own line of tech items. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Soulja Boy is selling a console that’s basically an overpriced emulator

Already with his own console (which is $200 and basically a poorly made emulator that looks like an Xbox) and even a handheld gaming device, Soulja Boy has evidently now set his sights on the lucrative wearable tech market. The amazingly-called SouljaWatch costs a surprisingly low $20, and can allegedly do everything a normal smartwatch can, such as take calls, send messages and track your sleep – it even has GPS. It does seem hard to believe that a once-famous rapper has poured all his time and energy into creating a fully functioning digital timepiece that could take on the Apple Watch, and you’d be right: this is unbelievable, as wearable tech is generally seen as very complex stuff.

The SouljaWatch is little more than an Apple Watch copy in terms of the design and strap, and we seriously doubt it runs software better than iOS (SouljaWare?). You’d have thought that Soulja Boy would wear something with a little more class and style, something along the lines of a unique Cartier like NBA star Stephen Curry or actor Jake Gyllenhaal, but the guy clearly has high hopes for his own watch line.

Soulja B​oy has made a smartwatch that looks a lot like an Apple Watch

Wearable tech is obviously big business, as it has been reported that 65 million smartwatches and 15 million fitness bands were sold in 2017, so you can’t blame Soulja Boy for wanting a piece of that profitable pie. Still, one has to wonder how he’s going to reap the benefits from a $20 watch that few will likely buy (maybe as a joke gift). Soulja Boy, focus less on the tech market and just go back to making music… actually, don’t do that either. No matter what anyone else thinks of DeAndre Cortez Way, he still thinks highly of himself and his own music, which you have to respect in one way or another, even if it might be completely false. Soulja Boy was quoted as saying:

“Just to be the young OG and people coming to me and be like ‘Yo Soulja, man, you started this. You put us on, you did this’ it feels real good. I’m proud of everybody doin’ they thing because I definitely knew it was something real. I like what the young kids is doing, I like the new generation.”

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