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Top 5 Tips For Growing Your Painting Business

Painting businesses are becoming a popular business venture because they’re relatively easy to start, and they can become quite lucrative, especially with the right business strategy. It’s one of the more affordable businesses to start since you’re looking at around USD $2,000 or less to get going. Because of the low cost, it can be easier and faster to make a profit than with other business ventures. (1)

Since it’s affordable and accessible to start a business of this type, it’s often attractive to people to start one but not many become or remain successful in the longer term for a variety of reasons. 

One of the things that can ensure growth for a painting business is to adapt to new technology such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, and new applications like this painting business management software from Jobber. (2)

To further understand the steps to improve and help your painting business flourish, here are some tips and tricks below. 

1. Ensure high quality and consistent results

One of the best things to help your business grow is to make sure that you deliver high-quality and consistent results. This means making sure that you treat clients well by giving them excellent customer service, using quality materials, and providing them with a high-quality finish.  

Besides, after a successful experience with one customer, they are more likely to recommend your painting business to friends and family or be willing to give you a positive review on or offline, helping you grow your business and win new jobs. (2)

2. Start investing in business software 

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Adapting to technology is a great way to ensure that your business doesn’t sink. The best technology you can utilize to help you run your business is management software that has been developed specifically to support the painting industry. Software that has been developed with the sole purpose of supporting painting businesses is hugely beneficial in helping streamline your internal processes, especially when it comes to invoicing, payments, estimates, quotes, time tracking, expense tracking, and client communications. Jobber, cited above, can help you achieve this. 

Industry specific technology can be very helpful in prompting you to follow best practice procedures. This is especially true when it comes to accurately estimating how much to charge for each job you do, so that you achieve your target profit margin each time. Understanding how to estimate a painting job is essential if you are going to stay in business. Charge too much and you won’t be able to win many clients, charge too less and you’ll soon be out of business. Business software can help to automate your calculations, meaning they are more accurate and faster to produce than someone manually creating them from scratch each time.

3. Network better

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Networking is vital for any business to succeed, especially for a painting business which relies on local interactions and a presence within a targeted area or community. One way to do this is to partner with other contractors and businesses who operate in the same area. 

For instance, working with a roofing company could help benefit both sides mutually. This is because you could partner up and provide clients with package services, including roofing and painting. Business collaborators can also direct their client base to your painting business, as you do the same for them. (3)

4. Build an online presence

Building an online presence is necessary to boost customer acquisition, especially today. Most people these days probably won’t be looking through their phonebooks to hire a painting contractor. A more realistic way to look for services is to go on the internet and search for local painters in the area who have recently been reviewed positively. 

If you don’t have an internet presence, then you’re missing a huge percentage of clients who are based online. Build a website and get it optimized so that people can find you, learn quickly about the services you provide, where you provide them and how to contact you. (4)

5. Create ads

Paid ads on websites, video streaming services, mobile games, and more are a great way of promoting your brand and services. Ads can be created relatively easily with the integration of marketing suites into your business operations and targeted specifically at the audience you want to communicate with. Using paid ads to promote your painting company will help more people become familiar with your business and how it can benefit them.

If a person is or has been searching for painting contractors in your locality, your ad, if targeted correctly, should appear on their social media or other applications. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. A low cost and affordable campaign can make a huge impact on your sales pipeline if executed well. For instance, ads shown on some social media sites can be priced as low as USD$5 per week. At this price, you can start reaching a lot more customers. (3)


Starting a painting business is relatively straight-forward but making sure it takes off and becomes prosperous is something else entirely. By incorporating the tips above, your efforts and investments will be well rewarded with a more stable, well-managed and profitable business. 


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