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Pros and Cons Of Using E Cigarettes

People have mixed opinions when it comes to e-cigarettes and vaping. While most people have read about the good things about e-cigarettes, there are also some risks or dangers you should take note of.

So, if you want to quit conventional cigarettes and plan to invest in e-cigarettes, it’s crucial to know more about such new devices first, especially if you’re not familiar with them and you’d only want to try them out of curiosity.

At present, there’s a variety of e-cigarettes you can choose from. Shops like Vape and Juice can offer you a collection of e-cigarettes and vape liquid available at reasonable prices. But before you shop around and choose one for you, make sure to know the pros and cons of using e-cigarettes.

Pros Of Using E-Cigarettes

  • No Secondhand Smoke To Deal With

One of the best things about using e-cigarettes and a vaping kit is that you don’t need to worry about causing harm to people around you due to secondhand smoke. Besides, non-smokers hate being around someone who smokes because it stings the eyes, aggravates allergies, and smells awful.

With e-cigarettes, they produce a mild scent vapor, which lingers in the air for a few seconds and fade away permanently. It also smells nothing like smoke and, often, you won’t smell the vapor at all unless you’re next to the e-cigarette user.

  • Reduces The Effects Of Nicotine Withdrawal

If you’re doing your best to quit your smoking habit, the use of e-cigarettes may help you with this. You can start by reducing the nicotine levels you’re using, which can help you lessen your cravings in the long run.

  • You Can Control Your Nicotine Intake

Another good thing about using e-cigarettes is that you can control your nicotine intake. Since e-liquids or vape juices are available in a range of strengths, you can start from nicotine-free to mediocre to high-intense nicotine.

You can also select how much intense substance you prefer or the strength level you need for your e-cigarettes. Mostly, e-cigarettes start with intense or high levels of nicotine and slowly work their way to low nicotine levels.

Just make sure to learn more about using the right amount of intense level of nicotine so you can enjoy the best possible experience with e-cigarettes. Being knowledgeable will also help you avoid some common vaping mistakes in the video above.

  • Helps You Save Money

The cost of using e-cigarettes is more inexpensive than purchasing pricey tobacco cigarettes. Although you’ll need to invest in its upfront cost, you’ll save more in the long run. In fact, your regular vape juice purchases will cost as low as USD$20 per week.

  • Gains Instant Satisfaction

With e-cigarettes, you’ll get instant satisfaction and can be effective to get rid of your smoking cravings. Even if they need preliminary tinkering, once e-cigarettes are ready, they only take a single push or hit the button on the device. 

There are also others that feature automatic draw. Plus, you can use your favorite e-liquid for a long time in a day without any systematic maintenance. With that in mind, you can use e-cigarettes anytime and anywhere you want.

  • Improves Your Self-Image
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If you’ve decided to change your life after quitting cigarettes, you’ll definitely love using e-cigarettes as they can help you improve your self-image, which can be an essential step to living a healthier and happier life.

Sometimes, smoking tobacco cigarettes may force you to be ostracized. You could douse yourself in cologne or perfume, but most bystanders will see you as a disgusting person for having a smoking habit. Your family or friends may even avoid you because you’re smoking.

Fortunately, with the use of e-cigarettes, you don’t need to deal with a negative self-image because you won’t smell awful or taint your clothes. Instead, you’ll look better and manage to enjoy the calming effects of smoking using e-cigarettes.

  • Gets Rid Of Tobacco From The Formula

E-cigarettes get rid of the toxic chemicals, tobacco, and tar that are found in traditional cigarettes. When compared to traditional smoking, using e-cigarettes lessens the risks of cancer, lung health, and heart disease.

  • No Need To Worry About Smoking Banns

Probably, one of the biggest perks of using e-cigarettes is that you don’t have to think about the smoking bans. You can even smoke indoors without repercussions.

While it’s crucial to get approval from an establishment before you start using your e-cigarettes, most areas that ban smoking tobacco cigarettes will let you smoke with e-cigarettes.

This means that you may be able to enjoy using e-cigarettes at your workplace, favorite bar, office, restaurants, and some public places. You may even use e-cigarettes in hotel rooms or rental cars because of the fact that smoking with such devices is barely detectable.

Cons Of Using E-Cigarettes

  • Possible Battery Explosions

One of the drawbacks of using e-cigarettes is the possibility of battery explosions. But what you should know is that these are very rare cases. You can also avoid that by purchasing a quality battery with a charger from a reliable vendor. Or, you can just purchase an e-cigarette with a built-in battery.

  • Fewer Regulations

Another not-so-good thing about using e-cigarettes is that there’s no regulation of where and how they’re produced and what quality control or standards are in place. 

Once you shop around for an e-cigarette, you’ll encounter labels like ‘nicotine-free,’ but often contains a few amounts of it. Therefore, it’s wise to check the manufacturer’s reputation first before you decide to buy one.

  • May Affect Your Lungs

Like regular cigarettes, an e-cigarette has the potency to damage one’s lungs. The ingredients often contain solvents, toxicants, and flavorings, which can be harmful to long-time smokers. 

One of the health issues related to using e-cigarettes is a popcorn lung, which is an irreversible and severe lung disease.

Bottom Line

Overall, the pros of using e-cigarettes overweigh the cons. However, it’s still wise to know more about the different e-cigarettes in the market. This way, it’ll be much easier for you to determine which can give you a great smoking or vaping experience without worrying about the harm associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes. 

Also, double-check the current regulations of using e-cigarettes in your state to avoid any inconvenience.

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