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How to Grow Your Smoke Shop Business

If you’re the owner of a smoke shop, then you know this is a good time to open a location. The rising popularity of vapes, CBD products, as well as the legalization of marijuana in some states, makes owning a smoke shop a promising business venture.

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As the vape industry expands, the need for a vape-and-smoke supply store increases. The only problem is, if you’ve jumped on the smoke shop wagon, you’re not alone. Starting your own business is tricky, and roughly half of new businesses fail within the first five years.

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Rather than being one of the ones to go down, stand out above your competitors and continue to grow. Easier said than done, right? To get started, here are a few tips on growing your smoke shop business.

Your Store

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Your store shouldn’t replicate past smoke shop experiences. In other words, it shouldn’t be shady or creepy. It should be clean and well-lit, with music playing overhead and a pleasant fragrance when people walk in the door. Your customers are probably looking not only for a product, but an experience, as well. So, be sure to give them one! Get creative. Decorate with a color scheme of black and green, or choose celtic rock to play overhead. Have your own vibe, and make it a fun, pleasant one.

Your Selection

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Keep your selection varied. Your customers are more likely to return if they see you have e-juice flavors they haven’t tried, or know you stay up-to-date on the latest selections. Variety will drive sales, so keep your shop well stocked with unique items. Have hot pink vape mods and flavored JUUL pods. Get wholesale vaping supplies, and keep track of what’s selling well and what isn’t.


180 Smoke Vape Store

Traditional advertising is expensive. It’s important to let people know you’re there, but try to do so through non-traditional avenues whenever possible. You may not benefit from running many online ads, since your store is in a fixed location. You’ll also likely want to avoid yellow page and radio ads, since most of your clientele can’t be reached there. Instead, get creative. Buy die cut stickers and send out mailings. Post flyers. Host events. Whatever you decide, creative and wacky ideas will likely help promote your business.


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Last, but not least, get a good reputation, and keep customers coming back. While variety and in-store vibe will play a role in that, a huge part of your success will be your employees. If they wander through the store, chatting with customers, bringing friendly, knowledgeable charisma to the floor, you’ll have a better chance of making sales. Hire employees who are excited about vaping, and excited about life.

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Owning a smoke shop can be a great experience. For you, your employees, and your customers, the smoke shop might even become a place for hanging out, like a coffee shop. Encourage this sense of community, and remember to do what you can to make your smoke shop a welcoming place. Without further ado, get to work on making your smoke shop a one-of-a-kind experience.

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