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Trendy Typography Effects and Graphics

How can you differentiate bad from good typography? One of the ways is to check whether its principal goals are achieved. If your layout lacks harmony, its information isn’t hierarchically placed and reader-friendly, you will face many problems with your brand identification and customer loyalty. If you would like to avoid such scenarios and numerous negative consequences for your activities, it is high time to open a marvelous world of professional typography and lettering. 

If you think there is no easy way to create highly professional and attractive typography graphics for your projects, Art Text will ruin this stereotype. Keep on reading to get to know more about ways to design text-based graphics for both beginners and experienced designers.

Where to Apply Text Filters

The times when people were required to follow only strict rules of project works have faded into obscurity. Nowadays, you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to make amazing lettering and typography graphics. With Art Text, graphic design software that specializes in text effects and typography art you will create graphics for any of the following projects :

  • Social media posts and blogs are frequently associated with breathtaking news. However, to make your message heard, you have not just to make it logical and well-structured. Text effects will help any post be eye-catching. Unique curves and forms that support the information of your message will help you win the battle.
  • Brands are always seeking elegant and functional ways to identify themselves in the market. In this regard, logo design can be easily improved thanks to amazing texts and letters.
  • Enthusiasts will surely boost up their visual content by adding modified images and photos. How can you do that? The secret is simple — text overlays are a key solution here.
  • Due to modern technologies, it is not a problem to contribute to the overall quality of your presentations, videos, and even movies. That is where gorgeous 3D titles created with the help of professional software will come in handy.

Knowing where you can use the benefits of the industry, it is much easier to make something new out of separate tools. Let’s be more precise. For instance, neon and glow text is one of the design trends of today. If you require to create a captivating movie or video title, Art Text will help to design 3D text with neon and glow text effects.

How to Create Advanced Text Effects

Without a doubt, once you are interested in the typography graphics field, one of the challenges you will face is a search for a reputable and reliable software program to become a flexible and skillful visual content designer. There are several considerations to take into account, including the overall app suitability, how intuitive the interface is, as well as the product’s affordability and compatibility.

Numerous reviews place such solutions as Photoshop and Illustrator as the leading champions in this rush for larger audiences. However, although their functionality isn’t under debate and has stood the test of time, other concerns may prevent enthusiasts from even trying these apps. Who wants to struggle and experience a steep learning curve? From this perspective, specialized alternatives like Art Text are a more suitable choice and also more affordable.

The secret of Art Text success is a harmonious balance between the layout capabilities and efforts necessary to master a variety of text design features. Users don’t have to acquire any special knowledge to master this program, over 400 text design templates will get you started in no time. On the other hand, the functionality is second to none allowing users to create typography graphics from scratch.

Wrap It Up

People are so accustomed to seeing text graphics, so they don’t take into account how daunting this task to make an eye-catching layout frequently turns out to be. There are various directions of lettering and typography use, but the main thing to take into account here is the target audience’s expectations and preferences, as well as traditional and trendy approaches in the field. For instance, you will not be perceived as creative by applying a grunge style for wedding invitation materials. Besides, it is important to stay flexible and be able to proceed with different layouts and styles at ease, which Art Text provides. Download Art Text 4 trial on the developer’s website and start designing beautiful typography today!

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