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Small Business, Big Gains! Capitalizing on Your “Localness”

Small businesses may think they are at a disadvantage. In the wide world of apps and marketing on a global scale, small businesses might be forgiven for thinking that it’s a struggle to get themselves out there. But the reality is that even established businesses can find it harder to get their names out there. As online companies take away the custom from small brick-and-mortar stores, we may think that the smaller stores can struggle in the big wide world because they are classed as “small fry.” It doesn’t have to be like this. There are many ways to use our “localness” to our advantage; it’s just about using the right techniques.

Register Your Business on Local Listing Services 

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If you’re a small business and have just one branch, you can register your business on Google Places or Yahoo Small Business. You can also make sure that you delve deeper into local SEO techniques. When we consider SEO, we may think that it’s about getting wide exposure. But if you are looking for small ways to help yourself, you can use local SEO companies like Unravel SEO to get into people’s consciousness within a community. 

Use Different Platforms 

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A great way to get attention is to diversify our effort on platforms. However, it’s is vital to remember that you don’t over-egg the pudding. You can use simple YouTube clips or Instagram videos to get attention, as long as you keep it short. We have to remember that on YouTube, people can click away from an ad very quickly, so you need to branch out by grabbing people’s attention. This is when you can start to use a mobile app linked to your business style so you can communicate with customers on a one-to-one basis. The great thing is that now, there are many ways to create apps, such as this guide on Appy Pie, as long as you have a bit of time and patience to learn how to code.

Creating a Blog

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You might think that a blog is not worth your while because you’re trying to get the custom of local people. However, a blog is a wonderful way to give insight into your company. It also endears people to you because it gives you a personal touch. It helps you keep your business up-to-date and provide people with your latest movements. When you use it right, it becomes a great platform to sell your products. You can easily set up a basic blog through WordPress sites and various tools to personalize your company.

Change Your SEO Tactics 

Local SEO, Fine-Tuned for Today and Tomorrow

We have to remember that SEO evolves, but there are few ways to make sure that we are forever keeping up-to-date with the latest SEO trends. It’s about creating great content first and foremost, but you can also make the most of blogger outreach programs and the little, almost unheard of techniques that bigger SEO agencies use. 

If you think that promoting local is about a few flyers and the billboard, you can certainly increase your stands by going online.

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