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Mistakes Not to Make While Choosing a PDF Reader

A PDF reader has become a necessity for almost every person who works in an office environment. The use of PDF files has rapidly increased over the years. In fact, many people prefer PDF files over other popular extensions, such as .RTF.

There are several reasons why PDF file extension has become so popular. It is mainly due to the benefits that come with PDF files, such as better security and ease to work and transfer data.

However, these are just the basic features of PDF files. You can get more if you use a proper PDF reader.

PDF readers offer you a lot more than you think. They aren’t only about letting you read and create PDF documents, but allow you to do much more.

However, choosing one PDF document out of so many can be confusing when each one claims to be the best. Here’s where many people make mistakes and choose the wrong PDF reader. Wrong in terms of features, cost, reliability and ease of use.

Here are mistakes that you should not make while choosing a PDF reader:

Choosing One With Limited Features

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There are a lot of people who commit the mistake of picking a PDF reader without getting to know the features that it offer.

The PDF reader you use should offer all features, including pdf fillable forms, several reading mode, document signing feature, good sharing options, excellent interface etc.

When you opt for a PDF reader that comes with limited features then you won’t be able to carry out advanced tasks.

There are some PDF readers that unlock additional features once you buy a premium version. So, make sure that you do the research first and go for a PDF reader that provides a good number of features.

Choosing A PDF Reader That’s Not User Friendly

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If a PDF reader does offer a wide variety of features but its interface is poor then you most likely should stay away from it.

A user friendly PDF reader should be your top priority if you are looking to do some official work on the reader.

Moreover, look for a software that lets you organize files easily. Most people have hundreds of thousands of PDF files, and finding one may get difficult if they are not properly organized.

Choosing One That Has Compatibility Issues

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This is not a very common issue, but some PDF readers can cause compatibility problems.

What happens is that the formatting is distorted when you try to open the file that you created using a specific tool on other devices or tools. This can be frustrating as a major reason to use PDF files is the fact that they are compatible on all devices.

Make sure you choose a PDF reader that is compatible with all the devices and tends to keep the originality of the file no matter where it is opened.


These are a few mistakes that people make while choosing a PDF reader. Make sure that you don’t commit these mistakes. It is all about being careful.

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