3 Things Your Business Doesn’t Know About Non-Organic Web Traffic

If you haven’t heard of web traffic, then I don’t know where you’ve been hiding for the last decade or so. The world has become obsessed with it, but did you know there are two main types of traffic you can seek for your website? The first is organic web traffic, which is what everyone gets when someone finds their website naturally, normally by clicking a link somewhere.

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Then, you have non-organic web traffic, which refers to all traffic that comes from a paid source. For example, you purchase a PPC advert on Google, and someone clicks on it to be taken to your site. Everyone is encouraged to focus on organic traffic, but some believe you can get away without spending money on non-organic traffic. They claim it saves money, and that organic yields the best results.

As such, there’s a lot about this second traffic source your business probably doesn’t know about. So, here are a few facts that show you it might be worth more of your attention after all.

You Can Track And Analyse Your Ads

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Non-organic traffic largely comes from adverts, be it banner ads, sponsored links, or social media advertising. Whenever you purchase an advert, you can track it and analyse its performance using analytics software. A lot of people don’t realise you can even use a URL tracker what happens when people land on your website; what’s the bounce rate, etc.?

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This lets you see how well each ad is doing, and also helps you manage your campaign. If some ads are doing poorly, you know to stop spending money on them. If some are doing well, you might want to pump more money into them. As a result, you can almost guarantee a positive ROI thanks to tracking and analytics.

Non-Organic Traffic Is More Targeted

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The beauty of non-organic traffic is that it’s more likely to be targeted traffic. Who is most likely to click on an advert for your site? Your target audience or just a random internet user? It’ll be the first option more often than not!

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It’s easy to organically stumble upon a website, but rarely will you click an advert unless you’re interested in what you see. So, non-organic traffic can be a better source of actual targeted traffic.

Your Site (And Brand) Becomes More Visible

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The act of focusing on non-organic traffic means you’ll be paying for all these different ads online. As a result, you’ll see a secondary benefit along with increased traffic to your site; brand awareness. If your ads are plastered online, it increases your exposure, even to those that don’t click them. It’s much harder to make your brand visible when you’re only looking at bringing in organic traffic.

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Does this mean non-organic traffic is better than organic? No, it just means there are many benefits to it! In actuality, you should be focusing on both sources. Start off with organic traffic, as it doesn’t cost as much money for you to work on improving SEO. Then, start investing in ads and bringing in targeted non-organic traffic. This combination will ensure your business gets as much traffic as possible, and your website will be flourishing.

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