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A Short and Easy Guide to Self-Publishing

Many people dream about publishing a book. For centuries, however, anyone who wanted to see their name on a book cover faced many obstacles. The publishing world is still known


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Why Are There So Many File Formats For Images?

Most people take image files for granted. We see and use them every day, but rarely stop to think about the different ways they are created, displayed, stored and manipulated.


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How to Locate High-Quality Digital Course Materials?

Digital course materials are the sources of information that come in a digital form and, thus, can be accessed via a computer or another gadget. Such resources can come in


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3 Tips to Improve the SEO of PDF Files

If you’ve heard that PDF files can’t be crawled, listed or rank well on search engines you should know that simply isn’t true. It is a common misconception, but the


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Mistakes Not to Make While Choosing a PDF Reader

A PDF reader has become a necessity for almost every person who works in an office environment. The use of PDF files has rapidly increased over the years. In fact,