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How to Monitor Your Child’s Snapchat

Did you get your kid their first phone and you are worried about it? Due to recent social media phenomenon like the infamous Blue Whale game, most parents are concerned about their children’s online activities.

However, what can be done? It is not like you could ask your child to get their phone checked by you. Most children see this as an invasion of privacy. If your child feels that you are snooping on them, you will lose their trust.

Therefore, you need to know how to monitor your child’s Snapchat. I am going to help you with that in this guide.  

Snapchat Monitoring App that Helps With Every Parent’s Nightmares 

It is not uncommon for strangers to exploit your child through Snapchat by making them send inappropriate messages or pictures. This is especially true because children are not experienced about the way of the world and might not know as much as you.

Therefore, you need something that will help you in knowing what they are sharing on Snapchat and with whom they are sharing it. This can be best done with a Snapchat monitoring app.

There are many Snapchat monitoring apps in the market. However, not every app is designed to meet a parents needs and most of them tend to be unsafe regarding security and privacy.

Yet, there is this one app that I have found personally very safe and you are going to find it the same way too:

Spyic- The Best Snapchat Monitor to Track Your Child’s Snapchat Activity

Spyic is the biggest name when it comes to parental phone monitoring solutions. It is used by millions of parents all around the world to track their children’s Snapchat activities. Since this is an established name already, it is the safest method to accomplish Snapchat monitoring.

If you wonder how to monitor Snapchat by Spyic, it is one of the easiest things you will ever do on your phone (or PC).

With Spyic, you can get your child’s Snapchat messages, Facebook messages, location updates, call logs, and so much more. 

And while it may seem that such a high level of technology would require you to have the technical knowledge, it is totally wrong! You can use Spyic without a second thought. You don’t need to know coding or any technical thing.

Further, you don’t even have to jailbreak or root your child’s phone. Most other Snapchat monitoring apps require rooting/jailbreaking as the first step. However, Spyic is different.

How to Monitor Your Child’s Snapchat through Spyic

All you have to do is follow these simple three steps to track your child’s Snapchat activities:

Step 1: Sign up for Spyic and get a subscription plan based on target phone- iOS or Android (Yes, Spyic works on both).

Step 2: Follow the simple on screen setup wizard. It will configure Spyic for you.

Step 3: Hit ‘Start’ and you are ready to monitor the device. You will be taken to your dashboard.

Once you are on your dashboard, all the features are available on the left hand side. To track on your child’s Snapchat messages, you can go to Snapchat monitor under Social Media apps.

While you are doing that, you can also try out other features of Spyic as well. For example, your child might be vulnerable to online predators on Facebook. Spyic gives you an integrated solution for Facebook too.

You can also do other things like viewing call logs, key logs, browser history, application monitor, etc. You don’t have to pay extra to use extra features.

Alternative Way to Track Your Child’s Snapchat

What good is life if it comes without giving you options? Therefore, I will give you an alternative method which you can use if you want to track your child’s Snapchat remotely.

Cocospy- Monitor Your Child’s Snapchat Without Their Knowledge

Cocospy is another big brand that offers you Snapchat monitoring service. It is designed to cater to every parents needs and take away their worries.

When you are tracking your child’s Snapchat account, you need to be sensitive to what they feel. If your child is doing something inappropriate on Snapchat, they would not be okay with you keeping an eye on them.

Cocospy takes care of this as well. When you are using Cocospy, it can quietly give you the Snapchat tracks of your child’s account. This makes sure that you never lose your child’s trust and at the same time you always know what your child is up to.

There are additional parental control features to explore as well. For example, with Cocospy’s application monitor, you can view which apps your child is using. You can even restrict their access to any particular if you feel it is unsafe.


As you can see, monitoring someone else’s Snapchat is a piece of cake. Most people don’t know about it because they feel that something like this is impossible.

However, now that you know, you have an edge on your children. How about you try it out and see for yourself the power of today’s technology?

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