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Review of the Free Keylogger Snoopza

Free keyloggers are one of the best content filters that have enabled most parents to keep track of their children’s activities. Nowadays, most children are privileged to access technology through laptops, tablets, and smartphones. However, the rate of cybercrimes has also increased hence predisposing children to harm. Therefore if you are a concerned parent, you need to get a free keylogger to enhance the safety of your child. Well, if you have never tried Snoopza, then you are missing a lot because it offers plenty of features to allow you to monitor your kids’ activities while using phones and other devices.

Do you need to monitor children on the internet

Parents should monitor their children while on the internet because of the following reasons.


How to Stop Cyberbullying: 18 Tips for Parents and Kids

That is one of the most sensitive issues that is going on in the internet today. Most kids have fallen victims to the Cyberbullies, leading to emotional distress, which eventually affects their lives in one way or another. Therefore as a responsible parent, you need to monitor the internet activities to prevent your child from being bullied by these cyberbullies.


Is teen sexting cause for concern, or no big deal? How to help kids stay safe online.

Teenagers are very proactive, and they might indulge in inappropriate activities like sexting. That involves sending nude pictures. As a parent, you need to monitor and ensure you can regulate the use of their mobile phones and other devices.

Protect personal information

Some people take advantage of children because they are still naive, and they might reveal their personal information to a digital stranger. That might predispose the family and the child to be a risk. That is why you need to monitor such kinds of activities.

Viruses and malware

There are sites that once visited, and it might damage your device because of viruses and malware. Kids may not be in a position to evaluate, which is a malware app or website. That is why you need to monitor to help them access appropriate sites.

What kind of child control is possible today

Nowadays, parents should dedicate the time and responsibility to protect the child through digital controls. This allows parents to restrict access to the type of content that that child consumes while on their social media platforms or even on the internet. That is why there are some applications like Snoopza which have been designed to help in monitoring and tracking every activity. They can be best describe as content filters because they limit access to certain inappropriate content. Additionally, parents should also restrict access to other users of television because not all content that is being displayed is appropriate for the child. By doing this, you will be preventing a child from being corrupted morally.

Why is it convenient to use free keylogger Snoopza

Snoopza spy app is a convenient app because it is handy in monitoring the activities of your children when they are using the devices. The good thing is that you can easily download and install it conveniently. This app can be used in monitoring video messages, text, calls, location, internet activities, screenshot, and social media platforms. Therefore it is very convenient for the parent to keep in touch with what the child is getting access to so that you can regulate some inappropriate activities

Features of free spy app that is useful to parents

Parents are the primary beneficiaries of the spouse because they will be able to monitor the activities of the children; therefore, the following are some of the main features.

Geo-location feature – this feature is essential in tracking the location of the mobile phone, which helps you to know the precise location of your kid.

Manage SMS – this is a feature that allows you to keep track of received and sent SMS from your child’s phone. You can get to know the kind of conversation and the people your child is chatting with.

History of internet usage – This is another vital feature that allows parents to keep track of the internet history, which enables you to have access to the sites that the child had visited while on the internet.

Tracking call – this is yet another impressive feature that allows you to keep track of the outgoing and incoming calls on the mobile phone that your child is using. Therefore you will get to know the people who are in touch with their child, and if you notice any suspicious stranger, you can take legal action.

What are the paid features of Snoopza spy app

Snoopza spy app is a reliable application that offers some premium features that you need to pay a fee so that you can access them, here are some examples of these paid features.

WhatsApp spy-this feature allows you to keep track on WhatsApp messages

Facebook spy-This is a feature that allows you to have access to your kids’ Facebook account so that you can monitor its activities.

Record calls-This feature allows you to record both incoming and outgoing calls from the Android devices.

Viber spy – This helps in monitoring the activities of the Viber account that your child is using.

Stealth mode – This feature allows you to track the mobile phone without the notice of the owner

Check contact – This is a feature that allows you to access the contact list on the child phone.

Detect Simcard replacement – This feature allows you to keep track of all activities even if the Simcard is replaced.

What should I know before installing the application on my phone

The app is easy to install and use. All you need to do is to visit their official website and register using your email account. Once the account is set up, you can install the app on your child’s phone. That allows you to start tracking the activities using your online account. I would recommend that you upgrade to premium so that you can access more features to enable you to have sufficient control over all the activities.

Pros and cons of keylogger Snoopza

The following are the pros

You can know who is taking your child

You can check the location of your kid when he Is away

It helps in improving study habits

You can stop access to fraudulent sites


It brings trust issues between you and your child

The child might feel that his freedom is limited

It is an invasion of privacy


Snoopza Is one of the best free keylogger that can help you to monitor the activities of your kids. That is one way you can show responsibility as a parent. You can download it and access its vast features that will enable you to keep your child safe from external influence from the internet.

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