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How to Hack a Phone With Reliable Spy App Under 5 Mins

There are many spy apps that you can use but do any teach you how to hack a phone with it? Click here for a detailed article on how you monitor any cell phone easily without touching it. 

Have you been curious about your child’s whereabouts lately? Well, in the 21st century, almost all spouse, children use social networking platforms for fun escapades. 

The smart devices that we carry in our hands or pockets mean to fulfill the best of our needs. However, they have their downsides as well. Consequently, the parents resort to ways to keep an eye on their child for security purposes.

Spy apps are booming in the market today for obvious reasons. An example could be the one you just read above. With these apps, hacking a phone has become amazingly easy today. It is effortless and allows you access to the activities on the target phone.

How To Hack A Phone

Now, hacking a phone with just their phone number is a cakewalk! The Nova Spy App has made monitoring your employees’ work, your child’s activities on their phone, or your spouse’s whereabouts an effortless task.

While there are tons of spy apps in the market for you to choose from, the Nova spy app makes a perfect choice for a reason. 

You do not have to worry about getting caught for hacking someone’s phone or tracking them. The app works in complete stealth mode for your convenience.

Using the Nova spy app, you have access to the messages of the target phone’s inbox or other social networking platforms. You need not worry about the target phone being out of sight or your access. 

You can remotely track the phone for their location or even their sim card activity.

Alongside the messages, you can also record calls using the app. The app features viewing media files through messaging or social networking apps. 

Features of Nova spy app to Hack a Phone number

Furthermore, the Nova spy app grants you access to the hidden details of the target phone. It can be their passwords, browsing history, or anything else.

An exciting feature you get on using this app is if the target phone you want to hack is an iOS, you need not install the application. You only need the iCloud login credentials to their iPhone, and you can go spying on them without their knowledge.

Basic features to Note When Using Nova Spy 

This is not restricted to only these apps alone. There are many techniques if you want to know how to hack a phone. You can have unlimited access to the phone device. The list below describes the cool features of Nova spy app.

  1. Call Logs: Nova Spy will provide an entire list of incoming and outgoing calls. All dialed calls will be provided with saved contact. This will give you an idea of who your spouse is calling and talking to.
  2. Browser History: Are you curious to know if your spouse visits a lot of dating sites? Here, Nova spy will let you know what type of site they visit and what they do.
  3. Keylogger: When Nova spy app provides browser history, our sophisticated keystroke will store his username and password which you can use to access his or her device to catch a cheating spouse.
  4. Photo: When a user snaps a picture and deletes it, our software stores the photo which can easily be viewed

This is not a limited feature of nova spy but a way you can hack a phone number to view it.

How To Remotely Hack A Phone

As you now know, you can hack a phone using just their phone number. In fact, you can do more if you have their IMEI.

A private detective may have you break the banks. You can instead go for spy apps that allow you to hack your spouse’s or your kid’s phone without having physical access to it.

The Nova Spy App lets you get live updates of your target phone. You can easily know if your kid or your husband or wife has been lying about anything by tracking them through this spy app.

Nova Spy App: An Overview

You now have a rough idea of the things the Nova Spy App is capable of doing. Let’s get you acquainted with the true nature of the spy app.

The Nova Spy App is known to be among the best spy apps worldwide. Additionally, it is also an excellent iPhone keylogger application that lets you record every keystroke of an iPhone you want to hack.

It extends the control to the hands of the parents who need to track their child’s phone activities. Moreover, you can use the app to track the activities of your employees while they work. You never know, they might be targeted by competitors to leak sensitive information about your company.

How to Hack a Mobile Phone without any Software

With its easy-to-use integration software, you can use the app to record every keystroke of your target phone. You have access to read their messages and check their call logs as well. Even if they delete any messages from their phone, you can still see them on the dashboard.

The advanced features of the app enable you to track the SIM location of your target phone. TheNova Spy App is a tool to provide you with comprehensive surveillance features. 

Besides keylogging, you can access their messages, gallery, call logs, social and other apps, location of the phone, browsing history, or passwords.

The best of all the features is the stealth mode of the app. It hides you while you’re spying on the app. The target won’t even realize it while using their phone if they are being watched or tracked.

With the Nova Spy App, you can expect no jailbreak and complete accuracy.

User-Friendly Interface

With many spying apps available in the market, you would surely want to know what makes the Nova Spy App stand out from the crowd. To start with, it has a complete, user-friendly interface to help you get started with your spying activity.

With little effort, you can get well acquainted with the working and the features of the Nova Spy App. You may as well become a pro at hacking any phone!

No Jailbreak

A pro detecting pursuit would require no rooting or jailbreak. The Nova Spy App offers you precisely what you’re looking for. The remote access feature of the app allows you to track a phone overseas. You do not need any jailbreak or rooting to access the target phone.

Hacking An Android Phone Via The Nova Spy App

The Nova Spy App stores all the information relevant to their offers and packages on their website. You can visit their website to get started with the app for spying. This way, you maintain the secrecy of your account. You can buy a suitable package for your Android phone accordingly.

Compatible With All Phones

You can remotely hack any phone using the Nova Spy App. It may be an iOS, Windows, or Android device; the Nova Spy App can effortlessly go through all of them.

Alternative spy app to Hack a Phone

Ultimate phone spy is a user-friendly spying application through which you can gain access to all the information ranging from call logs and history to social media accounts of the other person. Moreover, the application is available at a much lesser cost than other spying applications.

You can purchase any of the three: basic, premium, and family packages offered by them and remotely install the application. Its smooth interface and dashboard will allow you to monitor someone’s phone from anywhere in the world.

In addition to the other person’s call history, you’ll also get access to the following applications and information present on their Android phone.

  • Contacts
  • Text messages
  • Real-time location
  • Private notes and information
  • Photos, videos, voice notes
  • Social media applications

What makes Ultimate phone spy stand out from other spying applications is that it offers double stealth or protection. With all this description, you can learn how to hack a phone with this few spy app. There is no chance that anyone would detect you spying on them if you use them.


Hacking follows complicated procedures. However, technological advances have made the complications much easier today. Such an advancement would be the Nova Spy App.

With this application, you can spy on your target device remotely without the fear of getting detected. Now you may spy on your kid, spouse, or employees seamlessly.

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