The Common Issues We Face When It Comes To Our Careers

If you think about it, we spend a big chunk of our time working, wouldn’t you agree? Many of us have the standard nine to five gig Monday to Friday which means that the majority of our weeks are spent working, to thinking about work, because let’s face it, in some jobs can you really shut off at five and forget about? Possibly not. Our careers are important aspect of our lives. The provide our wages and money to live and pay for the things we want and need in our lives, they enable us to use our brain, be focused and concentrate on something, and for a few people it is something that they love to do.

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But when it comes to your career are you fully aware of some of the common issues you could be facing? This might be in your current job and with the progression you want to make in your career or might have something to do with changing your career and going for new jobs with different companies or within different industries. Like anything in life, there can be hurdles we need to overcome or be aware of. I wanted to share with you what some of them are.

The threat of technology taking over

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For many people there job involves some sort of manual labour. It might be that you handle machinery, create things or work in a factory where you need to physically do something. It could be packing, quality control or handling machines that manufacture products. Even as a receptionist or administrator this threat could be something to be considering. Whatever it is that you do, there could be some from of technology developed to do that job in the future. Here me out. Machines currently create a lot of what people used to create years ago. Technology advances which means that people could now be Threatened by AI when it comes to their jobs. Technology makes things easier for us, sure, but could there be a time where it might actually be doing the job for you? It is a serious threat to consider.

Keeping up with the rate in which technology is developed

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Not only is it a threat that technology and AI could be taking over our jobs and livelihoods, but another more common issue anyone of us can face is just the advancement of technology. Things seem to get more advanced as each day passes. New software introduced to handle day to day tasks. New computers with different programs to run. Customer data to capture and new things to learn. Can we really keep up with it? The younger we are, the more diverse we are to become accustomed to new technology. But as we get older we start to notice we don’t understand things so quickly.

Not having a job or career that we love or feel passionate about

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Do you have a job that you love? Do you have a career that you are passionate about? Not everyone is fortunate enough to be in this position. For some, the moment you come out of school you know exactly what you want to do with your life. You know the direction you want to take, the qualifications you need, the knowledge you need to accomplish, and you get on with it. For others, it is a harder decision to make which often means you fall into a job that just becomes your career. At anytime we can change, it is just having the courage to do it.

Do you have the right resume?

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Changing jobs can from a part of our careers. You might always be looking for the next step to take, the next job, but without a decent resume will you even get a look in? You need to ensure that your resume is fit for purpose. That it includes all of the relevant information and experience you have gained. There are plenty of guides online to help you create the perfect resume. Make sure you tailor it around the job you want, be that a career change or a promotion.

Are you making the right impression when it comes to interviews?

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Your resume is your first impression, it gets you that interview and foot in the door, but it is the interview that seals the deal, wouldn’t you agree? That means that if you don’t make a good impression face to face you may not end up with the job you want. A common issue we can all face is having the confidence in front of people. Writing it out on a document or piece of paper is one thing, but portraying the confidence from paper to reality is quite another. Do you need to brush up on your interview techniques? Do you present yourself in the best possible way?

Are your references becoming a problem?

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You may find that one of your biggest problems could be references from your previous employer. One bad word from them could be the difference between getting a job interview and not. The issue we face is ensuring that what they do say about you is positive, and often it is out of your control. However, if you do think it is something that is holding you back then do research into finding out why and try and rectify the issue before it causes you a big problem.

Leaving somewhere on bad terms

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Sometimes we just don’t like where we work. Sometimes we don’t get on with employers or they way they do business. That is fine. We can all make that choice to move on, but it is how you do it that makes a big difference. Leaving somewhere on bad terms can only open you up for further problems in your career in the future. It might cause you to get a bad reference or problems with your reputation if your industry is quite close knit in terms of communication. Think about your professionalism at all times, to ensure that you keep your future career in tact.

I hope that highlighting some of the common issues will help you in the future.

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