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How Technology Is Changing the Customer Service Game

Technology has had wide reaching, lasting effects on commerce and business overall, but one of the most underrated – and ever improving – aspects is how it has improved the business/customer dynamic. Now, the dialogue can exist both ways, in a whole host of new and creative manners. Now, thanks to the ubiquity of technology, a small business can leverage their customer service just by implementing a few key technologies into their organization. Below, we take a look at five creative ways

Give Your Customers Power

How Technology Is Helping Put Customers Back in Control

The customer has always wanted to feel like an individual; they’ve always wanted to feel in control. Now, thanks to technology, they really can be in control, on their own terms. By incorporating contactless technology into your business, you’ll be adding a touch of the future to your business, and be in a position to cement your customer loyalty. If you invest in an NFC device like those found at, you’ll be able to use a software development kit to create your own customized contactless system. When your customers access the system, they’ll find whatever you want them to find, be it special offers, additional content, or more information about your product or service.

Always Open

How to Use Social Media Effectively for Customer Service

If you’re still operating under the illusion that customer service exists from 9 – 5 each day, then you’re going to fall behind your competitors. The thing to remember is that once the standards and infrastructure have been implemented at your business, you’ll soon notice an improved customer experience. It’s not just on the phones, either – in fact, it’s rarely on the phones. Companies are utilizing email, Skype, and most of all, the social media networks. Look at outsourcing the work if you don’t have the manpower to stay open longer than your usual business owners.


Customer Consciousness : Keeping Users Happy & Maintaining Balance In Business

If you’re serious about using technology to boost your customer service, then you need to implement CRM (customer relationship management) software into your business. The benefits are extensive; the drawbacks are non-existent. Utilizing CRM enables you to improve your relationship with your customers, boost customer retention, and access the need to know data that can guide your future sales promotions, among other things. Based on the research, everybody is happy with CRM: companies find it easier to handle all the nuances of customer service, and the result is a happy customer.

Rewarding Loyalty

How Gaming Companies Encourage Loyalty

It’s much easier than most businesses think to create an app. Build one, and you’ll soon see the potential they offer. They can be used to increase your relationship with your customers, record data, and offer special offers to would be buyers. Even following a logical train of thought, it’s clear that they’re useful: virtually everyone has one in their pocket, and people are accessing the web more through their smartphone than they are their desktop computer these days.

The game is always moving forward. The key is to see the potential of how technology can improve your customer service, and then make it part of your plan as you head into the future.

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