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Sure Fire Ways To Help You Gain Repeat Business From Customers

Running a business is not the most natural thing in the world, after all, if it was, every man and his dog would have their own business. But for the people that take that plunge to start something from nothing, it can feel like you are forever spinning plates.

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Sales are one of the areas that you focus on, but many business owners focus more on new customers and forget that they already have an existing customer base from previous purchases and orders that they could use to their advantage. If you have a product or service that can be a repeat purchase then why wouldn’t you encourage people who have already purchased it to do it again? Here are some of the ways that you can try and drum up business from your customer base.

A loyalty scheme to increase sales potential

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You may want to consider a loyalty scheme to help your customers be reminded of your business. The loyalty scheme could also enable your customers to earn points as they make purchases, which could then be redeemed in the future. It might be a car you issue or think about using key tags which can also be an easier reminder when out and about. It is a great idea to help your customers gain something from you for repeat business as well as you benefiting from the sales.

Members-only access on Facebook on your website

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Make your repeat customers feel special by having members-only access page on your website or even thinking about a Facebook group that they can join exclusively.

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This could be filled with special offers and discounts, or even be able to be used as a talking point for other members. It is a great way to remind people of the company and the pro uses or services that you provide.

Refer friend discount codes for purchases

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A big way to increase repeat business is to think about offering refer a friend discount. If they mention a friend, for example, that friend and the existing customer could receive a percentage off the sale. It is easy to apply by just giving them a code to use on the checkout option. You could create a code unique to each customer so that they can refer friends as many times as possible.

Exclusive offers for previous customers

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Finally, the chances are during the transaction process of that first purchase or order you will have obtained an email address. This can be used to confirm the sale and offer delivery details, etc. If you gain permission, you could also use this email as a marketing tool.

A chance to let existing customers know of any exclusive offers, or be specific and enable them to purchase or order products or services at an exclusive discounted rate made only available to them. It increases loyalty and makes people feel wanted and special.

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Sometimes focusing on a different area for sales growth can give you big results.

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