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Top Tech to Expand Your Customer Base

Growing your customer base is a task that can’t be carried out easily. It can take a lot of work to bring in more customers. It’s especially difficult if you want to begin attracting a new type of customer. Perhaps at the moment, your audience is mostly middle-aged business people, but you think your product could appeal to young adults and students. You might have to approach these consumers in different ways. Technology is one of the things that can help you reach out to new customers. There are many tools you can use to make your brand attractive to various people from different demographics.

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Online Sales

If you don’t already offer your product or service through online channels, it may be time to consider it. Perhaps you run a brick and mortar store, and you’ve been thinking about creating an online store for your products. Even if you offer an in-person service, it’s possible to take your skills online. For example, you may be able to offer a remote service for something like accounting. You can even use video calls and other tech to allow you to meet with people online. For example, some personal trainers offer online training for clients who can’t meet with them in person.

Accessible Technology

If you want to make your brand appealing to more people, consider how accessible it is. Can people of all abilities and with different tools available to them access your products or services? Disability is one thing you should consider when you think about this. For example, is your website easily navigable for someone who is visually impaired? Do the videos on your site have closed captions for people who are deaf or hard of hearing? Another way to consider accessibility is in terms of the resources people can access. Is your website too slow to load for people who might not have great internet connections? Are you able to deliver your products to more remote areas?

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Mobile Apps

Some types of technology are growing in popularity for businesses who want to reach more customers. Mobile apps, for example, are being used more often by business trying to expand their reach. Businesses in many industries are trying to go more mobile so that their customers can access them at any time. A service that provides professional app development can help you to come up with a product plan if you’re considering creating an app. It’s important that the app you make is useful and will be used by your target audience. Make sure you don’t just make one for the sake of making one.

Loyalty and Points Cards

One way that some brands are using apps is to offer a loyalty system to their customers. For example, Starbucks has created a loyalty app. Both apps and loyalty cards can provide high-tech tools to attract and engage with customers. Customers can collect points and rewards on their app or card that they can use in various ways. Perhaps they can redeem points to get freebies or a discount on a purchase. These schemes can help to attract people who like to save money and be rewarded for their loyalty to a brand.

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Social Media Communities

Social media has been growing as a business tool for the past decade or so. It will only continue to be significant, although the social media platforms that are most important do occasionally shift. Social media can be used for two main purposes if you want to reach out to new customers. The first thing you can do is use social media to predict patterns and find out what people want. Once you have done that, you can also use your brand’s social media accounts to reach out to customers and potential customers. Show them that you are listening to them and responding to what they tell you.

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Interactive Content

Interactive content is on the rise, so it’s important to start paying attention. One of the types of content you might consider is a product tour, which allows people to look at your product from all angles. You can make a video or a virtual tour that visitors to your website can move around. It doesn’t just have to be for a physical product you can hold in your hand. For example, a hotel might offer a virtual tour of their rooms. You could even have a tour of your office to show people what it looks like.


Use technology to your advantage if you want to expand your customer base. The right tools can help you achieve your goals.

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