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Microsoft’s Surface Pro Sells Out at Online Stores in US

Within hours of becoming available in the company’s online stores, Microsoft’s Surface Pro has, reportedly, been sold out. Microsoft’s flagship model, Surface Pro 128 GB version has sold out in almost all the online and retail stores across the nation.

There is no word yet on the actual physical number of Surface Pro tablets sold but some reports received are suggesting that very few tablets were available in stores to begin with. The 128GB version of the Surface Pro shows as ‘Out of Stock’ in the Microsoft Online Store whereas the 64GB version is still available to customers.

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It would be dream come true for any company to have its products sold out on the launch day itself. While it’s true that having brisk sales on the launch day signals the start of great success yet to come, it was, unfortunately, not the case with Microsoft. It seems stores across the country, including Microsoft’s Online Store, had only a handful of Surface Pro’s to begin with. It was not a wonder that these few handful products sold out quickly, leaving behind a number of angry customers.

Microsoft has been calling the launch a grand success but critics and customers alike are pointing out that the sales figures do not have the actual numbers backing them. While Microsoft did see a line of customers waiting outside its office and other sales outlets, it seemed that it did not execute the launch very well. Apple has for years seen serpentine queues outside its stores at every product launch, with thousands of people braving the elements just to lay their hands on Apple’s products. But at every launch, regardless of the number of people waiting in line, every single one of them took home the product they came for. In the present case, Microsoft has failed to deliver the products to its customers after creating anticipation for close to 3 months.

Growing Pains

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Many disgruntled customers have been venting their anger at Microsoft for the lack of availability of Surface Pro at stores. While this may be a case of poor supply chain management or a PR campaign gone drastically wrong, the week has not started on a great note for Microsoft. While it may only be the beginning of a small hiccup for Microsoft, the sooner it responds to concerns raised by customers the better it may be able to stop ruining the future of Surface Pro.

Microsoft: Surface Pro tablets with 128GB arrive Saturday

The Surface Pro came out in two versions, the 128GB and the 64GB version. The 64GB and the 128GB Pro bearing the price tag of $899 and $999 respectively do not come with the Touch/Type Covers. The Touch/ Type Cover need to be purchased separately. In the box, customers are likely to find the Surface Pro tablet without the Type/Touch Cover. In addition to this, customers will also find a power supply cord, a Pen, the relevant safety and warranty documents and a useful QuickStart Guide. Coming with a 3rd Gen Intel Core i5 Processor, powered by Windows 8 Pro OS, 10.6inch 1920 X 1080 multi-touch display, 2 cameras, and Wi-Fi capability, both the 64GB version and the 128GB version are worth the dollars spent.

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