6 Smart Technology Tips for your Self-Storage Facility

Staying in tune with tech innovations and trends is one of the best ways to stay competitive and gain an edge over the competition. We live in the era of automation and digitization, and missing this boat can prove to be a business-sinking mistake. After all, rapid technological advancements have changed the way we store and access our belongings.

We are able to do run operations easier nowadays, but also to help customers gain a piece of mind with improved security measures and gadgets. As a result, tech-savvy self-storage owners and operators can make the facilities accessible to them 24/7, and tend to reach wider audiences.  

The next level

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Experimenting with top-notch self-storage solutions is not just a privilege of companies with hefty budgets. Operators are starting to realize that customers expect high-grade features like unmanned sites, user-friendly websites, self-storage kiosks, and retrieval systems. Therefore, forward-thinking facilities make good use of advanced software platforms that allow customers to handle storage via mobile apps. Namely, these solutions give users a real-time control and even permit them to have the valuables delivered to their doors.

Digital migration

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Fleshy signs and newspaper spread no longer cut it in the information age. A self-storage facility must establish a strong online presence, a well-optimized website. We have seen that tech-savvy companies engage in highly effective online advertising, content marketing, real-time reservation and payment, and utilize social channels to engage the target audience. Also, since the majority of internet users consumes content and seeks information via smarthpones, mobile optimization becomes one of the top priorities.

Safe and sound

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System

Security is a crucial aspect because for the bulk of customers, it actually represents the deciding factor when choosing the service provider. People are quite pleased when they see things like sophisticated video surveillance systems with digital video recorders. Consequently, many facilities offer video surveillance feeds to customers, as well as option to lock and unlock doors. What is more, businesses invest in wireless door alarms, build units with solid structures, employ unit over-locks, as well as network video recorders.

Lock and load

Noke is a Bluetooth enabled smart padlock that unlocks with your phone to remove the hassle of keys and combinations.

It goes without saying that locks are paramount to the security of self-storage units. Now, smart locks have changed the game, as electronic keypads replace the old-fashioned key-based locks. One does not have to manage a ton of spare keys and locks of empty units anymore. Likewise, the access can be monitored nice and easy, and average thieves deterred. In any regard, it is not a good idea to use outdated locks or leave empty units unlocked, as this enables unauthorized access and potential damage.


Business man using laptop computer in the office.
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Another trend on the roll comes in the form of kiosks. They allow customers to perform various actions around the clock, and include video surveillance and monitoring. They can select their unit, sign a lease, buy a lock, etc. Some of the kiosks accept monthly payments, which means there is no need for tedious checks processing. Basically, implementing this innovation lets owners operate self-storage facilities continuously, leaving the doors always open for new customers.

Killing it softly

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Business owners and managers are under pressure to develop a deeper understanding of the management software and advanced reporting. Although many programs remain Windows-based, the competitive market has produced a host of Web-based applications. Customer relationship management systems are growing in importance, and often used in synergy with corporate websites and blogs. Some management platforms are even integrated with kiosks, which eliminates the need for daily physical patrols.

Keep up the pace

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Technology has made our lives much easier, simplifying the practices of facility leasing, management and security. It empowers us to alleviate security concerns of customers and provide them a seamless access. So, combine human service and technology to accomplish service excellence.

Stay on top of the latest technological developments and revamp and optimize your website. Those who fail to capitalize on this will soon fall behind: Adaptation is the name of the game, as technology continues to evolve and shifts the business arena.

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