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Ask Yourself – Could You Survive Without Technology?

Technology is omniscient in today’s world- you’d have to get far, far away from cities and towns to escape it. It’s used everywhere, from homes to businesses, and even on the streets. It’s brought us all kinds of useful gadgets and software, and it’s fair to say that tech is taking over the world.

But while technology is becoming useful for everything in our daily lives, you should ask yourself whether you could live without it. Many people today are becoming far too reliant on technology. What would you do if you needed to run your business during a power cut? Could you make it out into the wild? It’s worth testing your limits when it comes to self-sufficiency without technology. Here are some things you should try.

Turn Off Your Electronics For A Day


Smartphones come in handy for all kinds of purposes, but how often are you glued to your screen? Some people use their phones for everything from planning their day to ordering their meals. The same applies for gadgets like computers. But perhaps you should try to ease off of them.

Studies show that electronics like smartphones can distract you even when you’re not using them. By turning yours off for a little while, you can become more in touch with reality, and more self-sufficient.

Maybe you should even try living without electricity for a day. Instead of using your microwave, grill up some food on a stove or barbecue. Instead of relying on the television for entertainment, read a book. Instead of using your phone for organizing yourself, rely on good old fashioned pen and paper. It might not be practical to give up technology for good, but it’s nice to know you can take care of yourself without it!

Prepare For The Worst Situations

It may seem unlikely now, but what if the internet dies one day? What if disaster strikes and you have to go without modern luxuries? Could you survive?

It’s not something you should get paranoid about, but you should learn to be more self-sufficient. There are many websites which can give you advice for dealing with emergency or disaster situations. You can also use forums with preparative guidance for SHTF scenarios.

Digital Detox at Camp Grounded

It’s unlikely that we’ll have to deal with a zombie apocalypse. But you never know when you’ll have to deal with something like an extended power cut. Of course, knowing how to prepare for more stressful situations like floods and tornados can be even more beneficial.

Camp Out In The Wilderness


One experience everyone should put themselves through at some point in their lives is camping out in the wilderness. And that means the old-fashioned way- not with the help of electronic equipment!

Some people challenge themselves by going out into the wilderness with nothing but the clothes on your back. But until you have a wealth of survival skills, this isn’t a smart idea. Still, camping out with some food, a tent, and basic equipment is a fantastic way to get off the grid.

Studies find that getting in touch with nature can reduce stress and anxiety. Spending some time out in the wild without technology can be exhilarating. No one’s saying you should uphaul your entire life, but just taking an occasional camping trip is an excellent way to refresh your mind.

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