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Get Inspired with these 5 BigCommerce Success Stories

With over 60,000 online stores, BigCommerce has become a popular platform for entrepreneurs to sell their products and services online. The platform assists you in creating an online store, helps you to host your website, makes SEO for bigcommerce and marketing hassle-free, and implements a good security protocol. However, bringing more traffic to your BigCommerce store and generating more sales can be challenging, especially with how competitive online web stores can be. So, it’s important that your e-commerce business stands out amongst the crowd.

This guide will go over some of the most popular BigCommerce sites out there and provide you with some inspiration on how to achieve more sales in 2022 with your own ecommerce store.

Perpetual Kid

Online Gift Company Embraces Child’s Play to Win in Business

Perpetual Kid is one of the biggest BigCommerce websites around. Created by Curt Eastman and Wendy Papula, Perpetual Kid was designed and marketed toward the inner children living within us. Their products are intended to bring smiles and laughs to their customers’ faces with unique and hilarious designs. was launched in 2005 and quickly grew in popularity when Jay Leno and Time Magazine both highlighted products from their business. Before they knew it, their business was booming and what started out as a dream in Curtis’ basement turned into a profitable business that required warehouses to maintain their inventory.

Curtis and Wendy have certainly become some big names in the BigCommerce world with their Perpetual Kid business. Some of their best sellers are sure to provide a laugh to many – from their Mini Plant Life Support, which looks like a medical IV drip bag and has the intent of self-watering your small plants, from their Corgi Butt Bottle Opener, which is self-explanatory, their products and services rank up high among BigCommerce stores. Their small business has grown tremendously and now has a whopping four warehouses and a team of amazing employees.


The New Skullcandy x Budweiser Collaboration is Red Hot

If you’re into technology, chances are that you’ve heard about Skullcandy. Created by Rick Alden and Cris Williams in 2003, they have gained popularity in the audio world for their high-performance earbuds and headphones. With a growth of 214% in revenue since their launch, it’s safe to say that Skullcandy is definitely a popular BigCommerce store.

Although they began on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Skullcandy quickly realized how expensive this platform was and that they lacked some important features. Thus, Skullcandy moved to BigCommerce which helped them to bring more traffic to their store, implement SEO, and allow them to have better customer service.

From their humble beginnings, Skullcandy has now achieved huge success thanks to BigCommerce. They remain stable in their rank and have created several websites in three different languages to host their products and market toward more customers.

Mountain Crest Gardens

Family-owned Mountain Crest Gardens had their start in 1995. They started out by offering an assortment but limited supply of soft succulents. Since then, however, they have expanded their inventories to also include hardy succulents. They now offer a wide-range of over 700 varieties of succulent plants.

With such a huge inventory of succulents to choose from, an amazing customer support team, hand-picked special collections, and assorted trays that don’t break the bank, Mountain Crest Gardens has taken the plant-world by storm.

Yeti Cycles

Yeti Cycles enters e-MTB market with 160E

“We build bikes we want to ride” is Yeti Cycles motto and when it comes to mountain bikes, they are at the top of their game. At first, Yeti Cycles was utilizing a range of different tools such as Shopify and Magento 1. This wasn’t working out for them, though, and they decided to make the switch to BigCommerce thanks to input from their web consultant.

With the move, they have been able to improve many back-end operations such as usability and giving the internal team more control. This has allowed them to focus more on sales. Not only did the move to BigCommerce help their internal team out, it also created a more pleasant experience for their customers.

Yeti Cycles continues to be a big name in the mountain bike scene and is expected to remain that way with the help of BigCommerce.


FirstVet Is All Paws In For American Expansion Following $35M Round

Pets are an essential part of the family for many people. From cats to dogs to smaller animals such as ferrets and guinea pigs, pet owners like to know that their pets maintain a positive and healthy life and that’s the mission of FirstVet.

In truth, most veterinarian clinics run on a 9-5 schedule. Sure, there are emergency clinics that operate when a crisis happens but not everyone has access to these types of clinics. FirstVet, however, looks to change that by giving pet owners the ability to video chat with veterinarians who work independently, offering their services both day and night.

They offer consultations to provide guidance, recommend treatments, and even give referrals to local clinics to those who have sick or injured pets. While they originated in Stockholm, Sweden, they have since expanded their operations to countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and a few others.

With their huge success, they knew they needed an e-commerce platform that would assist them in expanding their services and this led them to choosing BigCommerce for their needs, a move that has proven beneficial when it comes to having custom checkouts such as Klarna, which is an expected offering from many businesses in Sweden.

BigCommerce also ensures that FirstVet has the flexibility it needs when it comes to video meetings and that’s the most important part for them since it is their primary service.


BigCommerce Helps Ted Baker With Scalable

No matter what kind of BigCommerce business you have, it’s important to keep in mind the businesses that we have mentioned above and draw inspiration from them. Each started out small and grew not only their inventories but their sales as well. They have many things in common: aesthetically-pleasing product pages, outstanding customer service, domain names that are memorable, a great inventory line with many different products, and more. Take what you can from these businesses to help in improving and growing your own.

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