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MacDroid Review: Is an Easy and Good Way to Transfer Files

Are you looking for a trouble-free way for transferring files from Mac to android? If so, the MacDroid is the answer to your problem. It is an app that is remarkable for transferring files easily. This App not only is helpful in moving files and folders easily and quickly but also gives convenient access to your Android content in the Finder. It also offers you transferring between Mac and Android. 

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MacDroid Have Some Remarkable Features

  • It has USB Support
  • It has Supported for all Android and MTP devices
  • It has access to internal as well as external storage of your Android
  • It has the facility to edit Android files on a Mac
  • It has also the facility to work with entire folders

However, it also presents a connection between both modes of Multi-Operation and Single-Operation. Both of the modes have different ways of their use.  Multiple-Operation mode provides management and fast transfer of files. On the other hand, in Single-Operation mode you can have an easy and inclusive way to connect.  It also supports MTP devices.

This stunning App is available in two versions named the free and Pro-version.

Free Version

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 The free version approximately has all the stated features but it allows merely one-way traffic to Mac. In it, you cannot transfer files from Mac to Android. It also has provisions for automatic updates and customer support. 


MacDroid helps bridge the Mac and Android worlds

This version has the exclusive feature that free version misses and you only have to pay for a yearly subscription. You are also offered a free trial for seven days to check out its features. 

You can transfer files from Mac to Android while using MacDroid through these steps.

For transferring files the first thing that you have to do, is to download MacDroid in your Mac system. After this, you require to set all to transfer any kind of data between your Mac computer and Android device via USB. 

First Step

In this very step, the Android device should be connected to Mac via USB then you should open the installed app and go to Devices. You can find Devices in the main menu and now connect the Android device to Mac via USB. 

Second Step

Here in the second step allow Mac access to your Android device. Then, you are required to select from ADB or MTP connection mode and follow the steps for getting access to Android data to allow. 

Third Step

In the third step, other devices can be connected easily.  If you have connected your device, now look for this in Finder and transfer your files easily as well as smoothly between Android devices and Mac.

It has the availability of videos when offline is also one of its great features. For example, you have to go outside when you are not willing to take your computer with you. Through this app, you can transfer the videos to your android watch them where ever you want. 

A New Feature in MacDroid         

Macdroid Makes Android And Mac Connect Seamlessly

This App has connection stability with devices in ADB mode.

Most people want to have a faster and easier key instead of uploading and download the same files. So MacDroid is a bridge to ensure Android file transfer for Mac. MacDroid is the app that is a great solution to you for transferring data between Mac and Android. It offers a smooth way of transferring data and therefore, it is getting popularity among people. It has made its place successfully due to the amazing features that it has.

Here are some alternatives to MacDroid that you can do a great favor to you. MacDroid device is developed purely for android devices. ArloSoft has developed and published this automation device. Auto tools, automatelt pro, Bixbi button Remapper, conscient, tapping, quickclick, erobot, and automate are some of the alternatives to MacDroid. These are containing some advanced features that may prove a great solution to your problems like Macdroid. 

Some of their functions that can be helpful are, as in the AutoTools automation apps has a vast range of functions. You can play music, take an image, on or off WiFi, and many more with the unique options of Autotools.   

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