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Folx Review for Mac: Have This to Accomplish Your Download Requirements

Folx is one of the best torrent client apps available in the market. It is such a torrent client that is remarkably download and torrent manager. It does great on various torrent clients that manage your download as well as torrent process.

However, it’s been much difficult to perform many downloads for the torrents. Just cheat with the torrent setting in Utorrent, BitTorrent, and any other client. You know, this process takes much labor and futile a lot of your effort and time. 

 More about Folx’s popularity among people with its old version and it may surprise people why Folx is the best choice. Eltima Software is its developer that introduced 64-bit version 5.0 in the previous year.  64-bit means it can work perfectly with Catalina and Mojave. 

Furthermore, Folx is containing a host of essential features that can help you to schedule downloads according to your busy routine. In Folx has some options available to manage download speeds and gives you options for what to do when a download is completed. 

Now, staying up late for completing the download is not necessary. It has some special features which are made exactly for you downloading overnight.  The very first and unique feature in it, you can set your system into sleep mode. It has an option for ending the session and quit at any time. Lastly, give shutdown instructions to the system after the download completes. 

Speed is Required:

Folx’s features are really awesome that you don’t need to wait to complete any download. You have the option to split the download on various channels. In this way, your speed for download lightens.

Using Folx it is easy to pick up downloads from various browsers like Opera, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. It is so easy for you to answer the emails, watch videos on Youtube, or even you can start searching the web during the downloading. 

Has User-Friendly Edge:

Some years back it was not attractive to people to look at. But now Folx has introduced a user-friendly interface in the latest version.  The UI means that the app has not been as easy as it is easy to use the 5.0 version now. 

Folx Offers Protection to Your Privacy:

This new version has solved your privacy issues better than the older Folx review versions. For example, you are downloading and are not interested in that other people can see or trace your downloading. Its features are designed well to solve your privacy issue. 

Probably, Folx might bring better security against other websites specifically uTorrent. It provides you more stable use and security as well. You don’t need to worry about sharing much information like uTorrent. It protects users’ privacy to win their trust.

Some of the alternatives to Folx:

Eltima Software built Folx and made it simple as well as an influential download manager and torrent client to use in MacOS X. In spite of this, there are many alternatives to Folx for replacing it with some of the same features. Some of the popular alternatives to Folx are Transmission, uTorrent, DownThemAll, JDownloader, Free Download Manager (FDM), Video DownloadHelper, Xtreme Download Manager, and Bittorrent, etc. 

In the end, a few alternatives down loaders are described for your knowledge. 


Transmission is the app and has such features that should be in a BitTorrent client. It has the web seed support that is a web-based interface, peer exchange, UPnP and NAT-PMP port forwarding.


This is another alternative to Folx and is an ad-supported and proprietary BitTorrent client. You can try this too.


Using this browser extension through which you can download all of the links and images on a website. 


 If you use JDownloader, it simplifies and improves the downloading of files from various sites. It offers you downloading in multiple parallel streams. 

Free Download Manager:

Free Download Manager (FDM) can increase your downloading speed. In addition, it splits the files into sections and performs downloading at the same time.   Through FDM you can also adjust traffic.

At last, you can finder free and better alternatives using the Alternativeto service. It can take you to your loved features

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