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Overwatch Best Characters: Top Heroes in Every Class

With 32 playable heroes in Overwatch, it can be tough to tell which ones to play as – especially if you’re just starting out. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to test out each hero thoroughly and determine which ones are the best in each class. Remember, though, that the most important thing is that you find a character that fits your playstyle – this way, you can make the most of their skills whether you are in a competitive or a quick play match.

Best Damage Hero – Soldier 76

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Soldier 76 is our top pick for damage heroes. He was clearly designed with standard FPS players in mind, meaning that he’s a great choice for a gamer who’s used to playing Call of Duty, Diablo, or World of Warcraft. His firing modes and sprinting work the same way as in CoD, and he can heal himself whenever he wants – plus his healing ability also helps out teammates.

Soldier 76 is a great addition to any team, due to his ability to shoot suppressive fire with his Heavy Pulse Rifle and to heal with his Biotic Field. We would recommend assailing opponents from a high-ground defensible position. Close-range heroes won’t be able to reach you easily, giving you cover from returning fire. Plus, you’ll be able to aim his Helix Rockets more easily.

Due to Soldier 76’s auto-aiming ability, he can do huge amounts of headshot damage if you have a steady hand. However, you can still help your team without incredible aim – if you point’n’shoot, you’re bound to hit an enemy and do a good bit of damage. 

Ability Overview

Primary: Heavy Pulse

Secondary: Helix Rockets

Shift: Sprint

E Ability: Biotic Field

Ultimate: Tactical Visor

Alternate Damage Hero – Pharah

With Phara’s rocket explosive weaponry and flying ability, you can do decent damage and escape the most simple scuffles. She can be a bit difficult to play as since her rockets are harder to use outside of a close range. With some practice, though, you’ll grow in your ability to aim rockets properly.

Phara’s excellent aerial mobility lets you position her for well-angled attacks, but she does not do as well on the ground. Use her flying ability to get to unusual spots on the map and surprise your foes!

Ability Overview

Primary: Rocket Launcher

Shift: Jump Jet

E Ability: Concussive Blast

Ultimate: Barrage

Passive: Hover

Best Support Hero – Mercy

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Mercy is the most healing-oriented support hero, but she can do so much more than that. Her Caduceus staff can heal, resurrect, and strengthen teammates with its life-imbued beams, but Mercy also has excellent movement capabilities through flying. Her ability to strengthen her teammates makes her a crucial component of a barrier-breaking or focused damaged strategy. Mercy’s personal damage is weak, but her passive health regeneration lets her stay on the front lines, where she can continue assisting allies.

Between Mercy’s Resurrect ability, her regenerative powers, and her ability for flight movement, Mercy makes an excellent support addition to any team.

Ability Overview

Primary: Caduceus Staff

Secondary: Caduceus Damage

Shift: Guardian Angel

E ability: Resurrect

Ultimate: Valkyrie

Passive: Angelic Descent

Passive: Regeneration

Alternate Support Hero – Lúcio

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Lúcio gives his nearby allies a huge amount of HP, and he can help reposition his team quite easily. Unlike Mercy, Lúcio can do a good bit of damage in fights, while also passively administering buffs to his teammates. However, he doesn’t have Mercy’s extraordinary single-target healing.

Ability Overview

Primary: Sonic Amplifier

Secondary: Soundwave

Shift: Crossfade

E Ability: Amp It Up

Ultimate: Sound Barrier

Passive: Wall Ride

Best Tank Hero – Roadhog

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With Roadhog’s huge HP pool and regenerative abilities, you can get up close to your opponents. Or, rather, you can pull them close to you! Roadhog’s Chain Hook pulls foes close to him, and then he can blast them with his Scrap Gun. What’s more, the Chain Hook can actually interrupt an enemy’s Ultimate ability, thus wasting the effect.

Roadhog’s unique playstyle makes him ideal for players who want to pick off vulnerable enemies one-by-one. He does powerful short and medium-range damage, and his Take a Breather (health regen) ability allows him to stay a contender even without a Support character on the team. Because Roadhog’s large heal ability only has a medium cooldown, he can stalk opponents far away from his team for long periods of time.

Ability Overview

Primary: Scrap Gun

Secondary: Scrap Gun Ball

Shift: Chain Hook

E Ability: Take a Breather

Ultimate: Whole Hog

Alternate Tank Hero – Reinhardt

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Reinhardt has a massive shield, but it doesn’t slow him down as much as you would expect. His pure damage rate might be lower than his allies, but he has a decent capability to one-shot. Combine that with his excellent shield, and he can completely change a match’s structure. He’s great for getting up close and personal to opponents – but he’ll fall if he’s picked out from a distance by an enemy team.

Ability Overview

Primary: Rocket Hammer

Secondary: Shield

Shift: Charge

E Ability: Fire Strike

Ultimate: Earthshatter

Those are our recommendations for the best Overwatch characters in each class. Our picks should serve you well, regardless of whether you are a newbie or a veteran player. Have you played as one of these heroes before? Which one was your favorite?

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