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National Security Is A Bountiful Career Opportunity

The first job of any elected government is to provide safety and security for its citizens. For many people this is more than just a passion but a duty. They are continually on the face end of tackling all kinds of issues both social and political. It’s a hard task but the rewards are fantastic as you play a huge role in the continuation of your nation. However national security has changed immensely in the last two decades alone. No longer is it just about keeping criminals and terrorists out of the country or monitoring such behaviors to prevent crimes, but other issues are now right at the forefront. For example, the issue of climate change now means that national security isn’t just about people but of the changing landscape. Some parts of the coast may need to be strengthened as the waters come closer and closer. Making sure that the economy can continue to flourish while also being aware of smuggling is another complex concern. With modern airliners that can fly thousands of miles in one trip, the challenge is even greater to monitor everything that comes in and goes out of your country.

Your role as a narcotics officer

If you want to keep the streets cleaner from abusive substances then you can take many routes to get involved. The most typical route is to be a police officer that is combating substance abuse on the streets. You will engage with the community at ground level and get to know many local community figures. However another more advanced way is to join the narcotics team of any police department. This is a specific route that puts you  right in the heart of the concerns that the public and the government have. It’s also a great way to get involved with national security as many routes from South America are used to transport the illegal substances across the Mexico and US border.

First you will need to become a police officer and gain some experience, but if this is already your line of work for more than 3 years, you’re already halfway there. Next, you have to take a course that your police department provides or perhaps you will be sent off to a particular DEA  school where the course is taught to many police officers from around the country. Once you pass the vigorous tests you will become part of a special squad that only deals with narcotics. You have at your disposal many brilliant technologies that can help you fight this crime. There is state of the art technology that police departments use to detect the kind of substance somebody has taken or stored. Minor chemical tests can now actually be done on sight of an investigation. This saves you the trip of having to first cease then transport the evidence to a lab.

In among the public

As we now know more and more, many of the terrorism incidents are due to homegrown individuals. This is a big concern for many governments that want to keep people safe from this evolving threat. If you want to know more about how you could be involved in this kind of public safety and find a career that’s suitable then check out the courses that an online university like Wilfrid Laurier Online University provides. One of their courses is about national security in which you will learn general public safety doctrine, as well as contemporary and evolving public safety threats. An interesting twist halfway through the course shows you the international rule of law. This can be used to see how other countries are shaping and enforcing their own laws and comparing which ones are more effective by nation. And finally, you’ll learn about international crime and terrorism which is all about border control and how to detect threats that come into the country and inside it as well. However this is a course which can be completed within 1 year, making it great for someone who wants to dip their toes in the water of this kind career path.

Saved from traffic

It’s becoming a very big problem for many countries around the world, but people smuggling and trafficking isn’t new. Now with better technology and logistical systems we can detect illegal movements of people much quicker. Even organizations like the Red Cross have anti-people smuggling and anti-people trafficking sections which you can join. People trafficking is due to modern day slavery, which is higher than any number in previous years. So many people are moved around the world and don’t have their own freedom. These gangs that keep slavery alive will be the main target of your focus. A border agency that deals directly with coastal cities and towns will be the best place to go if you want to help people who are trapped in these violent gangs.

Many people in the countries that the people held captive are shipped to, also help the smugglers by using boats to go out to sea and pick the modern day slaves up. They then ferry them to dry land from which they will transport them to shops and stores that use illegal hard labor. This is a grave concern for the families and friends of such people back home, so working in a border agency to get them safely back home is an incredibly rewarding experience. You can also help such people enter the country legally next time if they wish, but that is far down the line to the duties of a border security agent. The national security is top top priority and thus, your main roles will be to target people smuggling gangs and patrol the border of your nation.

National security is becoming more and more complex. It’s not just about crime, but climate change is also have a big effect. You’ll be monitoring the coastal lines, and making sure that town and cities next to the shore are kept safe over the years as sea water levels rise. However you can also work as a national security agent in many ways, such as in a border agency, the DEA or even for Red Cross.

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