Guess What? It Pays To Be A Geek!

To discover the fact behind this statement, we first need to define the word, geek. A geek, apparently, based on the official definition is someone who engages in tasks thoroughly, often obsessed over key details. This is usually tech related however you can actually ‘geek’ out over anything from film to different industries and yes, even fashion. People like this tend to get paid a fortune, and there are actually a number of reasons why this is the case.

Fixed Interest

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It’s true, geeks tend to have a fixed interest in one subject. For instance, you could be a math geek, and if that’s the case, you will be almost obsessively interested in math. Or, you could absolutely obsess over comic book movies. As such, you would have a massive amount of knowledge in this area. How does this lead to money making? Well, believe it or not, for every fixed interest, there’s a career that matches. So, if you are fixated on movie news, you could write about them for a living. Since it takes up so much of your time, you would almost certainly have the knowledge and understanding to do this and do it well.


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If you are obsessed with one subject, you will constantly be improving and indeed expanding your knowledge in this area. Geeks often have multiple degrees. You might geek out over engineering, and even when you were little, you may have loved looking at mechanical structures, wondering in awe at the way they worked. Now that you’re older, you can actually find out how and why they work, using it to boost your position in your chosen industry.

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For instance, you could, if you wished to become an engineer yourself. But you wouldn’t stop there if you were a geek. You’d get a masters of engineering management online and gain the knowledge and the skill to not just be an engineer but manage an engineering company. Are you starting to see what we mean when we say it pays to be a geek?


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It’s often suggested that geeks aren’t social. In fact, the official word geek is commonly linked to people who are considered to be ‘socially inept.’ Whether this is true or not is debatable, but geeks typically do have huge social profiles online, existing on multiple networks. Anyone paying attention to the job market will tell you how important this is to not just get a job but get a high position. Effectively, it pays to be sociable online and geeks are often great at this.

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In fact, geeks often become what is commonly known as a key individual. These are people who other individuals what to follow to keep up with updates in a particular industry, field or area of interest. They gain respect from a community and ultimately, quickly build themselves up as a recognised person. Again, this can lead to jobs that offer fantastic levels of pay and other perks.

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As you can see then, it really does pay to be a geek and perhaps shouldn’t be seen as the insult that it can be used as.

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