Cleveland for Life: A Guide for Seniors

The Cleveland area is a fantastic place to grow up, a fantastic place to be a young adult, and a fantastic place to raise children. It’s a fantastic place to retire, too!

Of course, retiring in Cleveland has its own challenges. Cleveland isn’t known for its temperate weather, and many of its homes are not senior-friendly. But staying where we belong has benefits that can’t be matched by any retirement community. If we choose Ohio for life, we stay near our family and our home. And while there are challenges, it’s possible to make a Cleveland retirement easy.

Preparing for retirement

Think you’re prepared for retirement? Answer these 6 questions.

Of course, before you can retire in Cleveland, you have to retire!

That involves saving money – a lot of it, over a very long time. We’re not all experts in financial management, so this task may seem insurmountable. Fortunately, there are experts in financial management here in Cleveland, and we can rely on them to help us get the job done. Cleveland’s financial management experts can help you design an investment plan that gets you to the finish line.

A senior-ready home

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If you’re planning to stay in your longtime home for life, you need to be aware that it may require some changes. As you grow older, you’ll find that stairs and steps become harder to use, that baths and showers become treacherous, and that your home may not always suit your medical needs.

The key is to prepare early. Making improvements like stairlifts and standing tubs takes time and money, and you’ll be a lot better off if you get the job done before the situation is dire. You’ll also want to keep money in reserve for medical devices and furniture. Things like hospital beds and tables (like the Integrant AtHand Table) will be essential to proper home health care.

Weather and your golden years

Want to relocate in retirement? Think before you start packing

You can change your home, but you can’t change the Cleveland weather! Fortunately, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself for those rough Cleveland winters.

First, make sure that you outsource tasks like clearing your driveway. Start doing this before you feel you really need to – you don’t want a broken hip to be your wake-up call.

Second, make sure you’re prepared for emergencies. It’s easier to get snowed in as a senior than as a young adult, so make sure you always have plenty of food, plus other essentials, like medicine.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have a support network. If you’re staying in Cleveland to be near family, make sure that they know to check on you during snowstorms – maybe you can get them to shovel your walk, too!

Ultimately, retirement is about living. And for many of us, our lifelong home is the only place we’d want to live. Cleveland is fantastic for retirement because it’s fantastic for living – simple as that.

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