Geeks Unite! From Nerds To Rulers Of The World

Once upon a time, Geek culture didn’t have great street cred. In fact, if you stepped into any school, you would probably hear the school bully shouting at other kids for being geeks or nerds. But things have vastly changed over the past decade or so. Actually, it’s probably fair to say that us geeks have pretty much taken over the world now. Not convinced that we have? Then read on!

TV And Movie Geeks Are Now Cool

Geeks used to be portrayed as being very isolated people and were often the butt of jokes on TV shows and in movies. Just looking at contemporary TV and movie characters shows you that we have come on a long way since then. There are now lots of geeky characters who are shown in a very positive light and have become popular characters who many people look up to. Some examples of these include Dr Who, Ben Whishaw’s portrayal of Q from the James Bond movies, and Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory.

We’re All Tech Nerds Now

Atlanta turns to its geeks to improve city living

We all use so much tech in our lives now, it is fair to say that we are all techs. Can you think of someone who you know who doesn’t use social media? I’m guessing you can’t name many people! When social media was in its very early stages, it was often thought that only geeks and computer nerds used it. But just look at it now! Pretty much everyone has a Facebook and Twitter account. And we are all constantly tied to our smartphones taking photos and checking our emails. Even the coolest of kids are hardcore geeks now!

Geeks Have Improved Business

Best Buy Signals a New Geek Squad with Launch of New Geekmobile and Updated Logo

The business world wouldn’t be where it is today if it hadn’t been for geek culture. Thanks to people who have a genuine interest in software and app development and coding, lots of startup companies have been able to create some cutting-edge programs and computer software, such as ForeUp Golf, that have really enhanced user experience of different companies. Entrepreneurial geeks such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have also helped some of this state of the art tech become easy to use, and have allowed it to become an integral part of everyone’s life.

Geek Fashion Is Big

Revenge of the Nerds: Why Geek Chic Is the Next Fashion Phenomenon

If you look in fashion stores these days, you will see lots of thick-rimmed glasses, waistcoats, and tweed jackets on the shelves. Yep, geek culture has even seeped into the fashion world! These days, garments that were once thought of as very geeky are now being worn by fashion aficionados and hipsters. And this is because lots of celebrities have started dressing this way. Sure, some of the popular characters that I previously mentioned, like Dr Who and Q, have had an influence on fashion, but other big stars have also been spotted in geek-wear. One great example is the rapper Will.I.Am.

So maybe Beyonce was wrong with her song about girls running the world. In actual fact, it looks like us geeks do!

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