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6+ Cars You Do Not Want to Buy in 2013

Finding the right car is often tough, but even if you can’t figure which car to get, you can always easily eliminate some options so you know what not to get. Start by eliminating these six cars.

1. Ford Explorer

Image via Flickr by lotprocars

Consumer Reports ranked the Ford Explorer V6 4WD version as the number one least reliable vehicle in 2012. The only good thing that they glorify about the car is the interior, listing the more important features at nothing more than mediocre. The MyFord Touch control interface is anything but useful, with consumers complaining about the difficulty of the system, and ConsumerReports says the system is “complicated and distracting.”

2. Audi Q5

Image via Flickr by The Car Spy

While the 2009-2011 Audi was a great seller, selling over 60,000 vehicles in the U.S. during those years, reports that drivers experienced a range of problems, including issues with the engine cooling system, the audio system, and the power equipment, not to mention that the vehicle squeaks and rattles.

3. 2001 Pontiac Aztek

Image via Flickr by labanex

In an article published on, the 2001 Pontiac Aztek came in as the worst car of all time. Not only is it ugly, as the article clearly points out, but drivers have complained about engine complications, electrical issues, transmission difficulty, and accessory problems. It’s an ideal choice to steer clear of this automotive disaster, especially if you’re considering a nice used vehicle for your soon-to-drive teenager. It’s simply not worth it.

4. The Volkswagen New Beetle

Image via Flickr by saebaryo

In’s list of 10 cars to avoid, they say that the New Beetle has “so many problems that it’s easier to list the areas that are sound.” Furthermore, in regards to the New Beetle, Many Auto Publications say, “It would be easier to ask what isn’t a problem!” So what are these issues? The most common problems are in the electrical system, air bag, power train, engine cooling, and visibility, although there are countless other issues with the vehicle.

Simply put, there’s no good reason to buy this vehicle unless you’re looking to cruise around in something cute, but if you really want something adorable, there are plenty of other dainty and more reliable vehicles out there.

5. Volkswagen Touareg

Image via Flickr by 855liona

In the list of 20 cars to avoid on, the Volkswagen Touareg makes the top of the list. While the article does state that the second generation model comes with quite a bit of improvements, it maintains a long list of issues with the first generation, citing that the older model suffers from issues with the engine, transmission, fuel system, electrical system, drive system, power equipment, and audio system. When it comes down to it, don’t buy this car!

6. Toyota Corolla

Image via Flickr by gfairchild

If you’re looking for a new car, be sure to avoid the Toyota Corolla. ranks the worst cars on the market today, and the Toyota Corolla sits at the top of the list as the worst purchase choice. The article says that the Corolla lacks pretty much everything but style, putting no thought into fuel economy and reliability.

Even though these cars aren’t the best idea to purchase, you can easily find quality and affordable cars around the web to help you decide which car you should buy.

More Cars To Avoid

Need more resources to help avoid a bad car? Well here you go! Of course some of these are just opinions and it depends on your preference, but if you agree with the complaints others have with these cars then you probably don’t want it either! Shop smart!

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