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Is Android Overtaking Apple?

For a while, it seemed like Apple was on top of the world. They were selling the most products, and everyone had an iPhone in their pockets. It seems like this may not be the case anymore, though. Android products are taking over the market for a lot of reasons.

Not only are Android tablets and other mobile hardware running the OS becoming more popular, but the apps available for them are becoming just as robust as the ones for iOS, you can now do everything from your android powered device that you always could from your iPhone. Droid users are just a tap away from snapping a pic with snapseed or doing some home automation with apps that have the ability to change the temperature in your house for you while you are away, or even check on your home security system.

Rise of The Droid

Android overtakes Apple in Australia

Something that people really like about Android is that all of the cables and chargers are pretty much completely standard. This means every time you lose a charger, you don’t have to run to your nearest Apple store to buy a new one, or order one and have to wait – you can use a lot of different cables to charge your Android product. This isn’t only more convenient, but a lot more environmentally friendly. People lose a lot of chargers, and instead of having to buy a specialized charger, they can recycle one that they had for another product.

Another thing that sets Android apart is the fact that they typically have lower prices, faster product cycles and carrier support. This is a big selling point for people, especially students and office workers – people want convenience on the cheap, and the Android provides that for them.

Latest numbers suggest Android could overtake Apple for tablet lead sooner than expected

Something great about Android is you can access every file on your PC. With an Android, you can drag and drop pretty much anything you want into the Android’s files. While You can do that with an Apple product, it has a few more hoops to jump through which can get to be a little irritating when you have a file that you need to bring with you. This is another major selling point. People want to be able to take all of their files with them easily, for work and for school.

Android supports a stylus, which is important for a lot of reasons. Android tablets have been a popular device in the artist community – the easy to use tablet and stylus system makes it a great choice. You can’t really do that with an iPad. You may be able to draw some things with your finger, but you can’t get as precise as you can with an Android product. If you aren’t an artist, and prefer writing notes physically to typing them out, then this is a good quality.

Speaking of keyboards, Android products have much better choices for keyboards than Apple products do, that’s for sure. When you have an iPad or the like, you have to use an iPad designated keyboard. However, when you have an Android product, you can use many, many third party keyboards.

Convenience Is King

Don’t Panic: Apple’s Having an End-of-Year Problem

Androids are more versatile in general. While simplicity is great, and many people look for it in a product, you are going to need versatility to an extent. This is true especially if you’re an office worker or student. If you need to make a late-night email from your handheld device, and Apple doesn’t support that, there’s not much you can do. If you have an Android, you really don’t have to worry about that sort of thing, which is important.

Overall, Android may be overtaking Apple. Apple products are trendy, and could be on the way out, in exchange for something much more versatile. While iPads, iPhones, and the like are easy to use and sleek, they don’t support anywhere near as many functions as an Android does. They don’t provide the same PC to handheld compatibility that an Android device does, either.

With Apple, What A Difference A Week Makes

So this season, if you need a new handheld and are interested in compatibility, go for the Android instead of the Apple product.

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