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Different Ways Technology Can Improve Your Customer Service

Most business owners are fully aware that customer satisfaction and happiness should be considered as two of the most important doctors in business. And, therefore, it is essential they put steps into place to ensure they are always staying up to date with the latest methods of customers service. Implementing new technology is a fantastic way to improve the whole of your customer service. 

Improving your customer service doesn’t have to take a lot of time either, especially when it comes to technology. Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can do this below: 

Communicate Using New Technologies

How to Use Tech to Revamp the Customer Service Experience

There are now many ways to communicate with customers, so there is no real excuse for bad communication. One of the best things about technology advances, is the way it enables you to connect with your customers. Whether it’s via lve chat, Facebook, email, ot other forms of communication, technology certainly plays a vital role. 

Social Media 

One of the best things to appear for businesses is the ability to build a strong business-customer relationship through social media. Social media enables customers and businesses to be able to communicate 24/7. Whether it’s webinars, blog posts, vidoes, infographics, or othersm businesses are now able to connect and engage witht their customers in the way the customer prefers. 

Tracking Deliveries

How To Choose The Best Shipment Tracking Software For Your Business

Long gone are the days where the only way to find out where a customers parcel is on it’s journey, is to call on a land line or mobile device to try and reach the driver. Nowadays tools such as a GNSS receiver and smartphones, make it easy to track a parcel. It also enables your customer to track their own parcel, in some case right up to their front door. A few examples of this include amazon and Uber Eats. This has also become extremely popular as a way to help those customer who have had to self isolate during Covid-19. 

Allows You To Always Be Avaiable 

Of course, it may not be possible to always be available with a person 24/7, however, the days of 9 to 5 are long gone. Businesses now have the ability to be available at anytime, whether it’s through live chat or through social interaction on platforms such as Instagram. Because technology has increased the ability for remote working, it is also possible to recruit staff member who even live in different countries. Customers like to be able to access and get a response from you at longer opening hours than the old 9 to 5, so make sure you include this in your business plans. 

Marketing Automation

Why Marketing Automation Matters for Your Business

Marketing automation is where you utilsie software platforms and technologies that are specifically designed for marketing departments and businesses so that they are able to advertise more and on multiple online channels. Including social media, emails, and websites. Marketing automation allows companies to be smarter, faster and more effective. 

These are five really great ways that technology has helped many businesses to improve their customer service. Do you have any other ways it’s helped your business? Please share some in the comments.

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