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The TV Hangout Spots We Wish Were Real

The hangout spot has long been an important part of television, no matter what type of programme it is. And it’s been interesting to see how that has changed over the years, and how it differs across cultures.

For example, in British shows, the pub is the communal space that’s the heart of TV communities, while often in US shows it’s the coffee shop or diner. That’s starting to change too. In many modern programmes, alcohol is ditched completely, reflecting society and the fact many people need or have been through alcohol help, while those that still do use pubs, perhaps go for trendier bars or gastropubs.

But what are the TV hangouts that we really wish were real?

Monk’s Cafe

Who wouldn’t love to go to a place where a comedian picks up his coffee? Yes, Monks is the heartbeat of the TV show, Seinfeld. It’s a place that has seen many jokes told, and a whole load of “yada yada” from the likes of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer.

You can actually visit Monk’s in real life as it’s a real-life diner called Tom’s Restaurant, located in Manhattan, just by the Columbia University campus. Despite the show ending in 1998, it’s to this day a Mecca for fans.

The Rovers Return

We’re going slightly less international in popularity now, but it’s one of the most iconic meeting places in television and has seen all manner of drama in the 62 years its doors have been open on our screens.

The Coronation Street pub, in Weatherfield, a fictional suburb of Manchester, England, set the benchmark for what a TV hangout spot should be – a warm, engaging place that not only allows the main characters to mingle, but also for supporting characters and side acts to take centre stage. A night in the Rovers really would be unforgettable.

Cheers Bar

Of course Cheers Bar is going to make the list. The entire show is based around the bar. The show’s set was originally based upon a Boston pub named the Bull & Finch, which later renamed itself to Cheers, so you can actually visit the real-life place.

It’s the place where everybody knows your name, and the epitome of what community based spaces should be. 

Central Perk

This Cafe Beneath the ‘Friends’ Apartment Is the Real-Life Central Perk

A much more relaxed vibe can be found at Central Perk, home of a group of Friends that the world fell in love with. With plush sofas around the place, you could really relax and take in the environment, or kick back with a newspaper or book.

We bet the coffee is top notch in that establishment too!

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