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The Importance of Treasuring Childhood Memories in Photographs

Childhood is an invaluable and definitive stage in the life of every person, which largely determines the personality, attitude, and direction in the future. It’s about the time when many things are done for the first time. See the faces of parents, play, make friends, go to school, learn to ride a bike, camp, fall in love, and many more.

That is why treasuring childhood memories in photography is a way of recording them in snapshots for life as a reminder of what went away. Because of this, it’s the responsibility of the parents to keep the photographs and videos of their children as an important part of their childhood. 

It has been shown in several studies that memory does not begin to have clear and precise memories until 3 or 4 years of age, and from there, the first experiences, good or bad, are almost indelible.

Sigmund Freud called this period of absence of memories an unconscious repression of memories. In modernity, experts in neurology call it childhood amnesia, applied mainly to childhood traumas and bad times. However, this natural defense of our brain often leads to good times, making them blurry in our memory.

Photograph the baby from the uterus

The photos of the child with ultrasounds, at birth, the first few days at home are memories to treasure. The photographs where the first years of life of the child are appreciated, the formation of the family, the evolution of the members of the household and their evolution over time are good moments that deserve perpetuity.

Every kid is a world

Each child must have their own memories. Each child should have the right to look back and see their childhood summarized in photographs. It happens that parents after the second or third child lose interest in recording the details. They forget that they are the memories of their children for the future. You can always show them the photos when they finally become adults. Thanks to photo restoration; you can now get back old memories in printed photos, even when they are partly damaged.

That photography does not prevent you from savoring the moment

It happens that sometimes parents are more aware of the photo, to capture the moment “kodak”. So they often forget to enjoy that moment and then also reproduce it in memory. Try to live the moment, do not miss it by being behind the camera lens.

Time to relive the moment

Do not save only photographs, also record in videos the development of your child. Save clothes or some object that retracts you from reality and leads to a beautiful moment of the past. Memories only treasure the beautiful, the transcendent that then become familiar conversation topics.

Technology as a treasure chest

Before now, photos were printed and saved in photo albums. However, today it is easier and practical to collect the photos we want; thanks to technology that has made all things easier and faster. You no longer need a large space to preserve the images. You can now use flash drives, external memory disks, or online photo storage to make sure they are safe and easy to access any time.

Why is it important to treasure childhood memories?

  • It helps structure the memory and resort of the past: Memories are a time machine. The time will come when your son or daughter wants to know about their childhood to remember something you have treasured or saved to share with your family. You may need to show them to your children, friends or couples, or just have a nice time looking at photos and listening to anecdotes.
  • Reaffirms the identity: A greater self-definition, a sense of belonging to the roots. What is remembered can facilitate entry into adulthood. Happy childhoods produce successful adults. Personal memories define who the person is.
  • To strengthen relationships, to remember those who were there at that moment of importance.
  • Even some memories have the power to change the mood: In case of a bad day, resort to that treasure chest and browse through life as an exercise in relaxation and reflection.

So, don’t wait till your child becomes an adult and ask you of some of his childhood memory before you realize how important it is to keep childhood memories.

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