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The Essential Video Marketing Trends of 2020

Video marketing is here to stay. The rise of social media, the impact of brand storytelling, and live video have all changed the way that brands and their audiences connect. In 2019, video marketing soared in popularity, and 2020 looks set to cement video as the content option of choice for smart entrepreneurs. When audiences spend increasing amounts of time watching videos online, brands need to establish a firmer footing if they want to leverage a stronger position. Just as the resurgence of email marketing has seen the average inbox become a crowded battleground for brands, so too has video become an increasingly challenging area to stand out in. If you want your video to land in 2020, here are the trends that matter.


Personalized marketing has become one of the essential must-haves for digital marketers. Personalization simply increases consumer engagement, and that’s good news for the business models that are embracing video as valuable content. Personalization of any form of marketing can help you to build relationships with your audience, but a video has a direct and immediate impact that can far outweigh the value of written or image-based content. When audience targeting is so vital, personalization is now a vital element to include in your digital strategy.


More than ever, businesses have access to a vast range of data sets. That data can be used in a myriad number of ways, but when it comes to creating video content, it can guide and influence what you create and share. By using your data, you make it easier to create videos that audiences want, when they want it. Using data also makes it easier to measure the success of your marketing, and by making more detailed use of your data, you make it far easier to take control of your ROI and ensure that your videos are working as intended. When the right video at the right point in the sales funnel can boost conversions, it makes sense to collate and use the data that matters. 


10 Rules for Video Marketing & SEO Success

Never underestimate the value and necessity of SEO. When it comes to video, SEO has become one of the key essentials for ensuring that you are not only seen by audiences but that they will actually want to watch your videos. Being found and offering value are the keys to success, and poorly made videos are rarely going to have a positive effect. Pay attention to your titles, tags, and the quality of your images and sound. If your videos look amazing and offer value, but your audience can’t understand your audio, then they aren’t going to stick around to watch what you have to say. Look for ways to make your audio quality better so that you have a more professional finish to your video content, and you’ll be rewarded by search engines who put so much stock on providing value.

From short and informative video content that answers a FAQ, to long-form videos that establish your domain and industry authority, brands that dismiss video are making a mistake. Make sure that you understand the value of video marketing and develop a strategy that takes advantage of the surge of interest in it. Businesses that ignore video are going to start falling behind faster and faster, as video only grows in popularity and worth.

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