Stand Out In A Crowded World Of Content

Any successful marketing mix needs a good content marketing strategy. From blog content and social media to podcast and video, content is a great way to build trust with existing customers and attract potential new ones. As all businesses are turning out content, it’s important that yours stands out from the crowd to maximise the potential. 

Set Clear Goals

Content shouldn’t be created for the sake of creating content. Every piece of content for your business should have a clear goal. Is it going to generate new leads? Is it going to convert a potential customer? Is it launching a new service? 

Set a clear goal, and use analytics to measure how successful it has been. You can use analytics to see who the content reached, how they found it and whether they stayed on your site after reading it. You can track sales back to see where the traffic came from and measure the success of your content plan. 

If you don’t have a content team in house, bring in content marketing agencies to create quality content that reaches the goals you set. 

Reuse And Revive Old Content

7 Ways You Can Repurpose Your Old Blog Posts to Get More Traffic

If you’ve spent time creating quality content, make the most of it by repurposing it to keep generating leads. Evergreen content that doesn’t date can be reused in lots of different ways. For example, turn a blog post into an email newsletter, or embed a successful podcast episode into a blog post. This reformats content you know works and appeals to your customers and builds strong internal links around your website. 

Go back to old blog posts that performed well and update them. You can update and improve the content with new information or up to date statistics, or with new imagery. Reshare the improved content on social media or newsletters to draw in even more customers. 

Keep Brand Voice Consistent Across All Platforms

Brands that are totally killing it with voice, tone & style (and how you can, too)

Whether you’re creating content for a blog or for video, make sure your brand voice is always strong and consistent. Wherever they find you, your customer should be able to recognise your voice. 

Create brand guidelines to help voice stays consistent. Set out rules for tone of voice and word usage to help staff or an outside agency to sound like your business at all times. 

Tie Successful Headlines Into Your PPC Ads

If a piece of content performs very well, you know the headline works. A good headline shares a lot of qualities with good copy for pay per click adverts, so reuse the headline for PPC. This a great way to repurpose hard working copy. 

Target Keyphrases

Long-Tail Keywords: The ‘Secret’ to Getting TONS of Search Traffic

When creating a keyword strategy, aim for keyphrases, not individual words. This better matches the way people actually use search engines, which will help people to find your content. Target local searches too to reach nearby potential customers. For example, if you own a bookshop, don’t target ‘bookshop’ and instead go for something like ‘Boston bookshop’ or ‘where to buy second hand books’ to better reach the right people.

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