7 Important Strategies for Content Distribution and Promotion in 2019

Have you ever thought how do marketers sell a product? If you will notice, they do sales talk and marketing strategies to convince the customers to buy. This common scenario is similar to content distribution and promotion. Writing is not just about composing informative content and disseminating it to the public. The contents should be scalable and able to reach your target audience.

When composing an article, you should think about the things that people want to see in your content. Be emphatic. Put yourself in the shoes of your readers. What are the topics that they want to read? What are the products that they want to buy? What makes them feel valued? Moreover, you must show them the benefits and values of your posts rather than getting concern about your analytics and profits.

Learn how to understand your readers and treat them as your potential customers. If you do this first step, you will surely attract better readers and customers. To support this, you must perform content marketing strategies to sell your posts and convert them into profit margins. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Social Media Management

The 25 Top Social Media Management Tools for Businesses of All Sizes

Social media increased exponentially every year due to the rising numbers of users and promoters. According to Social Media Today statistics, there are around 3.04 billion people who actively use social media for their daily activities. You’ll do the math. Imagine how your posts influence this population and its impact on your content.

As a drawback, imagine also that there is a wide range of competition and it affects your content. Now, how to flip the side of a coin to get a competitive edge? If this is the case, you should learn how to use your social media properly.

Using social media management tools, it provides a single click option that allows your content to be posted on all your accounts instantly. There is no need to post manually. You can organize and schedule your posts on a specific date.

2. SEO Strategies and Application

Applying the SEO principle is not just about making your Yoast SEO scores in green. It involves several concepts to consider before you can rank your page on Google.

For instance, revisit your keywords and check their volume. Do not dive into a keyword that contains a huge competition. Use long-tail keywords to help Google detect your page and optimize your rankings. Usually, the long-tail keywords do not have a larger volume thus, these anchor texts are significant to your SEO.

Make use of the latent semantic index (LSI) keywords related to the main anchor text. These keywords represent the related terms surrounding the main text. These LSI texts can also be used as a long-tail keyword. By widening your SEO background, you can have a competitive edge among the other websites. Your content will reach out the potential readers.

3. Social Proof

Customers want proof before contemplating to buy a product. The same thing applies to web content. A typical reader will be interested in a post if it garnered several likes and shares. The curiosity of the person will influence him to read the post.

If they find it genuinely interesting and beneficial, then it will surely share it with others. Social proof is highly influential, especially to new readers or customers. It helps build up the trust and legitimacy of the product, web, or brand.

If you want the people to believe in your brand, you should set up sharing options and comment sections. Do not delete any negative comments but instead, use it to your advantage. In this way, the customers will appreciate you and trust your brand.

Social proof is not just about having a four to five-star ratings. You must also show to the crowd how you can handle unfavorable situations and still make your readers and customers satisfied with your service.

4. Email Builder and Marketing

40 Actionable Email Marketing Tips That Will Boost Results

A significant way to boost your content and marketing strategies is by using email builders. This tool helps your web contents reach the audience. You can set up a subscribe button on your web page.

You can organize and systematize your emails and create interactive templates. You can also use postcards newsletter email builder features to make your message professional and stand out. It also summarizes the main key points of your services and updates the recipients with any latest events and activities.

The email builder can also be linked with your social media accounts. In this way, you can obtain their contacts through social media and reach out to them through emails. According to Jordie van Rijn, an Email Marketing Specialist from Email Monday suggested that you should cross-promote web content with your audience. In this way, if you share their articles, they will do the same for you too.

5. Infographic Presentations

Aside from newsletter postcards, infographics are also popular marketing tools for readers and customers. When you look at the infographics, you can easily interpret and explain its main objective. It practically provides you visual representation and summarizes figures that could help the readers obtained the information that they are looking for.

You can also upload infographics using Pinterest and acquire backlinks from these images. Most bloggers are using infographics because it has a lesser size. It perfectly fits on their webpage without the need to upload several photos. In short, it is presentable and practical to use.

6. Guest Blogging

​​How to Do Guest Posting

Offering your writing service in exchange for a backlink is a challenging role. You’ll need to come up with an email that explains your motive for writing. Some websites offer a guest blog post list in which you can find legit web owners to contact. You may visit the following websites to offer some writing services:

  • CMO
  • Business Insider
  • TechCrunch
  • Copy Blogger
  • Social Media Examiner
  • iTech Engine
  • Guest Post Tracker

If you’ll join a community board, several web owners accept writing services. It’s a win-win situation because you can obtain backlinks and provide them with free blog posts. It takes time and courage to persuade high profile website owners to say yes to you.

However, if you’re able to convince them, your content will increase its value and reputation. For instance, the owner of the Successful Blogging website – Sue Dunlevie, elaborated that guest blogging and commenting had helped her email list grow from 2,000 to 7,500 in just a year.

7. Paid Ads and Distribution

The pay per click program and FB ads are also effective marketing strategies to distribute your content. It might be a costly way to promote your page, but it is worthwhile if it can double your profits.

Comparing the ROI of Content Marketing and Paid Advertising

These advertisements can help you reach out to your target audience. You can be able to see your ads everywhere such as in Google, social media, and other websites. Your website contents will be exposed internationally and introduced to billions of social media users. In this way, you will most likely gather potential leads and convert them into customers.

Did you know that LinkedIn can also help you with content distribution? Surprising, isn’t it? Due to the wide range of professionals and businesses registered at LinkedIn, it created ads manager to target a different audience with their dynamic marketing strategies and sponsored content.

Did our insights bring a new content distribution perspective to you? Well, there are several alternatives to the market and distribute your content. It takes time for a website to have its name in the market. You must put the right passion, effort, patience, and strategies to make things work out. Who would have thought? One day, you will probably bump on someone’s website and witness them sharing your page.

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