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Hily is an online dating website which came into existence only recently and has gained popularity with the masses ever since. The developers of Hily have also released a mobile app which works in the same way as the website but in a more handy manner for people who prefer to browse the internet using their smart phones. This review of the Hily dating app will provide a detailed overview of the app and cover all its aspects. The Hily app has been tested on an android phone by the reviewer and some things discussed here may be specific to android phones.


Becoming a member of Hily is free and can be done in a few simple steps. You must be an existing member of Hily or must have a Facebook account to access the features of the Hily app. If you choose to have an account on Hily, you can do so by accessing the Hily website from your browser. There, you will see an option for creating a new account. Making an account on Hily can be done in 4 steps. These steps are outlined below along with snapshots of the process for your convenience.

  • Fill up a form where you need to provide some basic information about yourself as shown in the image below
  • Provide your date of birth
  • Provide your postal code
  • Upload a photo that would serve as your profile picture


Hily is divided into different sections or “modes” so that you can access all features without having your screen cluttered. A mode can be accessed in the Hily app by clicking the corresponding icon on the bottom of your screen. The various modes of Hily are:

  • Finder Mode
  • Messages Mode
  • Events Mode
  • Settings Mode

Finder Mode: This is the default mode of Hily and this is where you are shown profiles of other people. On every profile shown to you, you will see an icon for “liking” the profile and another icon for “disliking” the profile. Hily uses the concept of “likes” and “dislikes”; a feature that would be familiar to users of some other dating apps like Tinder. Like in many other apps, “liking” a profile is only one half of the process. The other person must also “like” you back to enable messaging between you and them. In short, you need to have a “mutual like” with someone before you can start interacting with them on Hily.

In this mode, you can also set filters to make your search more specific. The two filters currently available are based on the attributes of age and gender.

it is also possible that, due to your location, you may not see any profile in the Finder mode. Hily uses your location to show only profiles of people located near you. If you see no people around you then, you have the option of sending a referral link to your friends on facebook or your contacts in any other social media app that you use and invite them to Hily. This would make you eligible for some bonuses in the future.

Messages Mode: If you are just starting out on Hily then there wouldn’t be much to see here. If and when you have a “mutual like” with someone, then you can initiate a chat with them in this mode. This is where all your chats are stored. Chatting on Hily is not much different from any other popular social media app. You can also share media files such as photos with the other person in the chat.

Events Mode: This mode basically keeps track of the “likes” that you have sent out and the “mutual likes” that you have received. Unlike many other dating apps, you can “like” as many profiles as you desire.

Settings Mode: You can access to different types of settings in this mode apart from having access to a few other miscellaneous options like viewing your “mutual likes”, checking your verification status and inviting your friends to Hily.

Edit profile

The options provided here are related to your profile, in general, and here you would find options for adding a profile photo, editting/providing basic information such as name, gender, age etc and providing some more details about yourself such as your status in relationship, relationship type and purpose on the site. This helps make your profile more informative for others. Hily provides a lot of options for you to choose from when describing the kind of relationship you are looking for. This allows others to know more about you before “liking” you and hence, it helps save time by having this information available to others before you initiate a chat with them. For your quick reference, the various options are listed below:

  • Status in relationship
    • Single
    • Married
    • Divorced
    • In an open relationship
    • Seeing someone
    • Widowed
    • Separated
    • Tell you later
  • Relationship type
    • Monogamous
    • Polygamous
  • Purpose on the site
    • Long-term dating
    • Short-term dating
    • New friends
    • Chat

General settings

Most of the options here are about the app itself. You would see an option for applying filters again. Apart from this, you would see general options like notification settings, options for contacting the staff of Hily and options for accessing information on the legal aspects of the app. Also, the option for logging out of Hily is also located here.

Easy to use

Though it needs some polish, Hily is simple, intuitive and has a lot of potential. The salient features of Hily are listed below:

  • The app is easy to navigate
  • Availability of Unlimited “likes” makes it easier to meet new people
  • Responsive and committed staff help address any concerns of spam/scam and Hily users are safe and protected overall

Hily is quite new and is still in its inchoate stage. It lacks some options such as more filters and those for adding more information about your personality which may facilitate the process of finding a potential romantic partner. The app does well in being lightweight and simplistic in design and familiar enough such that even a new user may face little trouble when using it.

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