What Measures Are Being Put Into Place to Make Online Gaming Safe?

We all know that the internet can be a risky place and that measures must be taken to protect our data from hackers.  More and more people are buying digital assets and DLC in mobile and console games to have a little fun and play a few games but how do they know that the websites they are using are safe?  And what are the sites doing to ensure user security?


Understanding Encryption: Here’s The Key

Top of the list of things you should look for when using a mobile game app is that they use the best encryption.  This is usually 128-bit SSL encryption, though some sites use 40-bit and other variations.  While this doesn’t make the site unsafe, it is the difference between an old fashioned lock and a new multi-point lock used on uPVC doors, for example.  The old lock will withstand casual attacks but if someone really hammers it, it will likely collapse whereas the newer, multi-point locking system can stand up to almost anything.

But where do you find out if a site is using this standard?  Most will proudly display it because they want users to be confident and happy using their site.  You can also see a closed lock symbol on the address banner of your web browser – this means the site is secured and you can right or double click it for further information, depending on your operating system.

Transferring funds

Which Online Money Transfer Service Is the Most Secure?

Most people who enjoying buying these digital DLC assets and to get them you typically have to use real money.  This means transferring cash from your bank account and often giving a website your credit or debit card number.  Therefore, you need to know that the transferring of funds is secure and your information is protected.  Using the example of some well respected sites in the industry, they offer secure money transfers from MasterCard and Visa as well as other well-known money transfer options and even the ability to use a prepaid card designed just for online shopping and other spending.

Whether using a desktop or laptop or using a smartphone app, always ensure that the transaction is secure and that your data is protected.  Hackers are just waiting to grab information passing on the internet without the right security and this means protecting your own device with firewalls and other safety precautions as well as using secure and reputable sites.

Reputable sites

How do I tell if my connection to a website is secure?

But how do you know if a site is reputable?  The online gaming industry has come a long way from the days of dodgy websites that stole your money and disappearance but there are still fraudsters out there.  When you go to a website, ensure that the web address beings https:// because that ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’.  That way, you know that the website is reputable and safe to use.

If you receive an unsolicited email, text or message inviting you to take part in an online gaming site somewhere, don’t click on any links.  These can often contain malware that can infect your computer or smartphone or could be a way for the hackers to steal your information.  If you are unsure if a site is genuine or not, manually type in the web address and check all of the above to get an idea.

Keep your data to yourself

Cybercriminals launder money using in-game currencies

Finally, all of these measures will fail if you provide other people with your log on information.  This allows them to access your account, withdraw funds and then send those funds to another account, effectively stealing your money.  Store passwords and user names in a safe place and never give them to another else to use – let them get their own credentials and protect yours!

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