How to Pick Yourself Back Up if Things Go Wrong During Your Webcast

Connection always has to be your goal. You want to connect to your team, your clients and customers better. Any company worth its salt should focus on building that connection. And with companies left and right doing product launches, it can be difficult to stand out when your own goods or services launch into the market. One marketing strategy that seems to be gaining popularity, though, are webcasts.

What is a webcast?

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Webopedia defines it as a live broadcast or delayed video transmission of an event. Companies can use this to hold conference calls or a press conference. Thinking of giving it a try? It can be challenging to use the technology for the first time. Expect to make mistakes on your first go. If you do mess it up, no worries. Here are a number of ways you could pick yourself back up again:

Have a plan

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It always pays to have a strategy. Don’t run into your production blind. Know what your client wants and start from there. Confirm deadlines, determine your budget and figure out what kind of equipment and software you’ll need. Do you need a lot of cameras or just one? Prepare a schedule to help you keep track of everything. This would also come in handy for synching up your schedule with your team mates.

Tell a story

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The best webcasts don’t go straight into marketing. Instead, they tell a story. So take the time to ensure yours is a compelling one. If it is, there’s a higher chance of your webcast getting picked up and shared by more than your loyal consumer base. The more exposure it gets, the higher your traffic, conversion rate and sales can go.

Know your client

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A good story wouldn’t matter if it doesn’t resonate with your client. So know your client inside and out. You’ll need to be able to tell what kind of staging and presentation style appeals to them. A lot of companies could have saved themselves so much time and effort if they simply took the time to get to know their clients. Don’t make the same mistake, though.

Get a good interface

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A bad choice of interface could doom your marketing efforts before you even start, though. To make sure you produce high-impact webcasts, invest in a reliable web interface. This way, getting your webcasts to your target audience will be so much easier. Notable options include BlueJeans Primetime, with live event webcasting features. It’s perfect for large scale events so if you want to do a live conference for your product launch, that won’t be a problem. It’s more than capable of providing you with the connection you need.

Pick a good talent

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Choose the right story teller. People pay more attention if they like what they see. So get someone who has a natural flair for the camera, or who looks and feels comfortable in front of one. That kind of ease comes across. An excellent sales rep or professional trainer might just be perfect for the job. If you don’t have anyone, don’t force your team to get on the webcast. Any sign of awkwardness or discomfort can be easy to spot and take away from a successful production.

Finagle a good spot

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Location is crucial. So before you pick that spot, corner or space, make sure you have enough room for everything, including your gear, team and production equipment. Test it out first. That way, you know if it’s the right venue or not.

Let there be light

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Lighting is an important factor. It could spell the difference between a professionally-done webcast and one that looks like school project awry. Get a lighting director if you don’t have one in your team. Bad, dim lighting could hurt your visuals and make it hard for your audience to focus, while excellent dramatic lighting could and help build a clear and comfortable ambiance for your webcast.

Practice, practice, practice

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The perfect live event doesn’t just happen by accident. Try it out for a couple of times. You’ll need to ensure you have the right blocking, lighting, backdrop, and sequence, among other things. Some just shoot the event in advance and then simply shoots the crew on another day wearing the same clothing for the audience feedback. That way, you can easily edit out parts of the take until you’re satisfied with the results and still have the live event bit at the end.

Roll with it

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You’ll probably keep on making mistakes. Don’t let those mistakes keep you down. Just keep going. Whether a crew member backs out, an unplanned incident happens or someone backs out, roll with it. Learn on the go. Just try your best for your audience. And keep a cool head. All these will help improve your skills to get you ready for your next round of web casts.

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