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Google Inbox Review – Get An Invite!

The past few weeks we have been playing with the Inbox App from Google and we even did a video about it, if you haven’t seen that then definitely check it out below:

We thought we would write a quick updated follow up post and give our thoughts on what we like and what we don’t like and if our opinions on anything have changed.

Second Impressions

Inbox vs. Gmail 5.0: Which one is right for you?

I noticed throughout the first week they were still working on the app and functionality had changed – when you marked the “grouped” emails done then they would mysteriously disappear from your gmail as well, which was confusing at first but if you are going to use Inbox you really need to go ALL IN. I was thinking at first I could juggle both apps and at first I was right – but then they started making changes that seem to link the two apps together. More recently this week I noticed the newly updated Gmail app looked an AWFUL lot like Inbox. Hmmmmmmm. Could we be seeing the death of an old app as it gets eaten by a new one?

Gmail + Inbox = Gmailbox?

This is the New Gmail 5.0 for Android

Honestly, having used Inbox it really feels like features that were missing from Gmail – even though they really are more productivity in nature, I guess that warrants the use of a new name and new branding for a new app – but in the pursuit of minimalism and more efficiency – I think they should just hurry up and combine the two apps so i can go back to checking my email in one app rather than two. Right now you can technically use one or the other, but if you want the inbox benefits – the marking things done and not having to worry about them anymore – you kind of feel like you should still use gmail so you don’t completely lose anything, but they are still working on it so we’ll see where it goes.

Can I Get An Invite?

How to get Inbox by Gmail

I’m sure you’ve seen that everyone is still wanting some invites, I actually noticed that I have some invites left, so whoever wants one just leave a comment on this post with your email and I’ll invite as many of you as I can until they run out

Thanks for reading as always!

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    I have been waiting to give Inbox a tryout, SO…. if you have any invites left, I would appreciate one. Thanks! chris.buckland[at]

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