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3 Innovative Ways That Businesses Are Collecting Customer Data

Customer data is at the heart of any good marketing strategy. Businesses have access to more data than ever before and that allows them to build a clear customer profile, so when they are designing and marketing products, they know exactly who their target customer is, down to the tiniest detail. If you are a business owner, collecting as much data as possible about potential customers should always be a priority, and there are a lot of ways to do that. 

You probably already collect data from your website and social media pages, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You will get much better insights if you use these innovative customer data collection techniques too. 

License Plate Data 

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A lot of companies are collecting information about their customers by using license plate data. It’s very easy to buy information about license plates so you can get a clearer idea of where customers have been and what kinds of places they like to visit. This kind of data has been used by insurance companies for years, but now many other businesses are using it to build a clearer picture of their target customer’s movements and habits. 

Old Receipts

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Tracking purchasing habits is very important when you are trying to build customer profiles, and it’s relatively easy to track people’s spending online. But what about their purchases in the offline world, especially those made with cash? That’s where companies like Elamant come in. This new service pays people to collect receipts and then the data is uploaded and sold on to businesses. This is a great way to collect new customer data and it’s also a good side hustle opportunity for people looking to make a bit of extra cash. Check out some Elamant reviews to get a better idea of how it all works. Just be aware that if you do sign up, you have to pay a subscription fee, which is only removed when you sign other people up or collect enough receipts. 

Free Wifi

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Nobody wants to use up all of the data on their phone so if they are offered free wifi, they are going to take it. Companies can take advantage of this fact to gather information about their customers. The best way to get data is often just to ask for it, which is why customer surveys are so effective. However, many companies have issues with their response rate because customers don’t want to take the time out of their day to fill out a survey. But if you offer them something in return, like free wifi, they will be far more likely to share data with you. That’s why you are often asked for your email address and a few details whenever you access free wifi. Most people don’t think twice, they just fill out the information because they want to get online. 
Finding innovative ways to collect data and use it properly will help you build more detailed customer profiles, which will drastically improve your marketing campaigns.

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