Technologies That Will Have a Presence in All of Our Lives Before Long

Have you ever wondered how technology will change how we live our lives in the future? Of course, no one can predict what the future will look like with 100% accuracy. But we can look at some of the technologies that are being developed or in some cases deployed right now. By doing so, we can get a pretty clear picture of how technology will impact our everyday lives in the future. If you think you spend too much time interacting with tech now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Android Help Around the Home

You might have wondered what it would be like to hire a butler to help you around the home. But that could be a reality in the future. You won’t have to actually hire anyone, though. And although the android home help of the future might be costly at first, the price will decrease, as is the case with all tech. It’s already the case that some high-end hotels are using robots to do some tasks. And as the android technology continues to improve, the chances of them playing significant roles in our home lives will only increase.

LG’s home robot wants to be your future butler

Breathalyzer Cars

It’s still the case that drunk driving poses a serious threat to road safety. When someone gets in the car and drives under the influence of alcohol, they are massively more likely to cause a crash. And those crashes often lead to serious injuries and fatalities. But that could be about to change thanks to breathalyzer cars. These are cars that come fitted with breathalyzing technology, meaning that the car won’t start if more than the legal limit of alcohol is detected in your system. It could be the best hope we have of stopping the problem of drunk driving.

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Remote Health Care Tech

Health care is important to us all. We all need the help of a doctor at some point in our lives. And things in the medical profession are advancing right now thanks to new technology. Software for doctors allows them to treat patients remotely from their practice while the patient remains at home or work. That’s not the only thing that’s happening thanks to tech. Tiny sensors and camera can now be swallowed by patients to let doctors see what’s going on their bodies. This removes the need for other hospital procedures.

Smart Food Labels

Food labels will tell you use by dates or best before dates. But these dates tend to be very conservative indeed. Companies make them conservative because they want to be cautious. They don’t want their customers to consume unsafe food, get ill and then pursue a legal claim against the company. So, their actions are understandable. But this does all lead to a lot of food being wasted and thrown away when it’s actually still safe to consume. Smart food labels are beginning to be used now, though. These use active technology to tell you when food is safe or unsafe to consume, making them much more accurate than current labels.

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