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Samsung Galaxy S8 – Should You Buy It?

For all of those that had been waiting forever for a new Galaxy phone to come out, the wait is over and people are not the least bit disappointed. As we are about to show, the Galaxy S8 is everything that Samsung promised (with two awesome models), and more in a neat little package complete with a bow. The company has done a wonderful job at getting past the horrible disaster that came from the last phone that burst into flames at a moment’s notice. I am going to tell you some of the things that make this the best phone to come from Samsung in a long time and why you will want to go out and buy one as soon as you can.

Out Of This Galaxy Features

Samsung Bixby: 8 things to know about the Galaxy S8 assistant

First let’s start with the obvious thing you will first notice and that is Bixby, the virtual assistant. While Bixby is still a work in progress and will need tweaking over time, it is important to note that this will become your best friend as Bixby will be able to help you out a lot in your day to day operations when you need it the most. Along with voice commands and recognition, Bixby can identify a number of real world objects that it encounters via your phone’s camera. Before long you will find yourself using this feature as much as possible.

The infinity screen is something that grabbed my attention from the beginning. I had been hearing rumors of this but had not actually seen anything until I saw the screen for the first time. Once I saw this, I was taken back and wondered what else for the next phone they could pull out as it seemed they had pulled out the largest rabbit that they could find. The screen literally goes to the edge and that is something that even the iPhone could not hope to accomplish.

What’s Not So Great

Galaxy S8 Review: The Best Phone Will Only Get Better

With all of the good, you know some bad does have to be talked about. When you go to use the fingerprint sensor, be prepared for some serious case of clumsy fingers. I used it a number of times and felt that it was very much an awkward place to put the sensor. The sensor is placed right beside the camera and if you are not careful, you will find yourself touching the lens to the camera on a number of occasions. There are of course still some gremlins when it comes to the software that is part of the phone. This seems to be the one area where so many issues tend to appear that I feel it is something that will plague the company until they figure out a solution.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

All in all, the S8 is the best offering from Samsung and is a good redemption item for the company. After all, they needed something that would win back all those customers they lost when their last series of phone erupted in fire. After a week of playing with mine, I am happy to report that the issue seems to be fixed and there is no doubt that in the smart phone world, Samsung has staked their rightful place once again.

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