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Mobile Applications That Geeks Will Love

Geeks take pride in mastering their crafts, showcasing their knowledge, and engaging themselves in the topics they love. Most app developers make accomplishing these tasks easier by creating geek-friendly applications, and by downloading these apps, they can easily engage in some of their favorite activities. Here are some of the geekiest apps that nerds from all over the world would surely love to have on their smartphones and tablets.

Comic Book App

We start off with a must have among geeks, a comics app. Created by comic powerhouse Comixology, Comics App offers easy access to your favorite reading materials. It allows access to more than 30,000 comic books, giving you endless hours of binging on the classic and awesome reading material.

Gaming Apps

Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time – iTunes App Store

Geeks love video games, and the next app on the list will have them immersed in a game while gaining knowledge at the same time. Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time, is an addictive and engaging maze game, where you have the choice to act as the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond, trying to keep the world safe from the Daleks. Game apps remain as the most downloaded application on the App store and on the Android Google store, and geeks get plenty of brain stimulating games to keep them busy like Words with Friends, Text Twist, and 4 Words 1 Pic. The good thing about smartphones and tablets is that it’s quite easy to get connected to the internet. And because of this, gamers can always visit gaming sites to enjoy their favorite games anytime they wish to.

Science Apps


What Geek doesn’t love Science? If you find one, tell them to turn in their nerd card! Yeah… we have cards. Want to explore 889 planets and counting, from your phone? Then you need to pick up the Exoplanet app (which is free) for your iPhone or iPad! Space isn’t your think? Ok well then pick up QuakeFeed, which is also free, this app will keep you updated with the latest info on earthquakes from the U.S. Geological Survey – right from your mobile device! Earthquakes freak you out? Ok, well who doesn’t like just looking at the night sky? If you are a star gazer then pick up The Night Sky – this 99 cent app can identify the stars, constellations, planets and galaxies hovering above you. Even man-made satellites are included!

Creative Apps

80 Best iPad Apps for Designers

I personally believe that inside every geek, is a super creative person. For that, Creative apps! You don’t just have to be having fun when playing with a mobile app to pass the time – you can have fun WHILE creating something! If you click through the link above you will find a metric crap-ton of super cool and creative apps to help you do everything from organize your thoughts, get inspired, think of creative ideas, draw, sketch, paint, render 3d objects, whatever – you can do it all from your iPad (and a lot of them are available on iPhone and Android as well) So poke around and let your creative side run free (from anywhere!) with those creative mobile apps for geeks!

Trekkie Apps

The Star Trek PADD

The last app on the list is perhaps the one important application every geek should have, and what can be geekier than an app that has something to do with Star Trek? The Star Trek PADD provides you with a wealth of engaging information about the science fiction franchise, helping you out in fulfilling your nerd duties. The app includes info about everything from cast members, to unforgettable ships featured on the show, and on show technologies.

What was your favorite geeky mobile app? Got a favorite that didn’t make the list? Share with the class and leave a comment below! Thanks for reading!

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