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Live Dealer Roulette Providers are Catering to a Wider Gaming Audience

Gaming is huge all over the world. Whether it’s playing on a PlayStation 4, an iPhone, or at an online casino, the individual gaming platforms continue to grow in popularity each year. Due to the immense level of competition, providers need to get creative to ensure their products stand out above the rest to new and existing customers.

One of the best places to see this tussle for innovation is in the somewhat focused section of live dealer roulette. Roulette is a historically loved game, but given its straightforward rules and workings, it’s quite difficult to give it the feel of a new game: for centuries, the only variations were European, French, and American. Now providers offer a wide range of different online live dealer roulette games that appeal to a much wider gaming audience to expand beyond casino gamers who want to spin the wheel.

Continued growth in gaming

Given the strength of modern gaming platforms, from computers to mobile devices, and the overall appeal of gaming, it should come as no surprise that both video gaming and casino gaming are on the rise. As shown by, the UK gaming market is expected to continue to grow at a rate of 6.7 per cent. This is mirrored in the gambling industry reporting that the gross gambling yield in the UK rose by 4.5 per cent from 2017 to 2018.

The growing size of the market is what makes creating new and inventive games so appealing. Providers see that customers are coming in, so they want to create a product range that appeals to as many different people as possible. In doing so, more people find niche games that they want to play which continues to bring more customers into the market. The principle stands tall in the world of online roulette. After the introduction of the innovative live casino gaming section, providers then set about making a more comprehensive and diverse offering.

The diverse world of live dealer roulette gaming

One of the first great innovations in the field of live dealer roulette was Immersive Roulette. Created by Evolution gaming, Immersive Roulette went Hollywood-style to increase the excitement, setting up multiple cameras around the wheel. We found in an earlier piece that a good mobile app needs to appeal to its target audience. Immersive Roulette mobile certainly keeps its audience in mind, utilising the exciting camera angles and thrills of the spin from the original browser version.

One of the biggest gaming audiences is the sports fan audience. There are many great sports games detailed at, with their yearly releases always selling very well. Live dealer roulette providers Evolution Gaming decided to create a specialised offering for this group with Sports Roulette. While the live roulette is being played, live scores and commentary from sports across the world are being called and shown in the game.

Some people were hesitant to try live dealer roulette early on due to simply wanting to test their lucky numbers quickly and see if they’d win. So, NetEnt created Automatic French Roulette. With only a one-minute wait between spins but an ample 30 seconds to place bets, the streamlined game makes live roulette appealing to even those in the biggest hurry to play.

In such a competitive and popular gaming industry, live dealer roulette providers will continue to create new and exciting ways to make the classic game more appealing to the wider gaming audience.

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